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Paper Bag Gingerbread House Craft

Paper Bag Gingerbread House Craft

I love anything gingerbread this time of year! Gingerbread houses, gingerbread themed games, and this simple paper bag gingerbread house craft!

Build several of these gingerbread houses, decorate with paper and stickers, and make a gingerbread neighborhood! 

Paper Bag Gingerbread Houses


Encourage your child to use lines, curves, and shapes to design their gingerbread house. 

Stickers, glitter, and paint make fun details too.


  • Paper bags
  • glue
  • scissors
  • markers or paint


Starting at the bottom of the bag, fold one corner in toward the middle. Crease and glue. 



Fold the other corner to the middle and glue. 



Decide how tall you want your paper bag gingerbread house to be. Cut off the other end of the paper bag to adjust the height. 



Use markers to add doors and windows. 


Paper Bag Gingerbread House


Add details to the roof. 


Simple Paper Bag Gingerbread House

Make several gingerbread houses and turn them into a neighborhood.

Clip the houses onto a string for a gingerbread house garland.

If you want the houses to stand upright, clip two clothes pins on the bottom to balance on. 

Ice Cream Cone Trees

Decorate a sugar cone with frosting and candies to make a Gingerbread Christmas Tree (one of our favorite easy Christmas activities).

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