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Heart String Art Craft

Heart String Art Craft

Children will enjoy this heart string art craft and can use it to make valentines or a Valentine’s Day decoration. 



  • paper plate
  • needle – depending on the age of your child you may want to use a needle that isn’t as sharp like THESE
  • pencil
  • yarn



Draw or trace a heart onto the center of a paper plate. 

Use a needle to poke holes along the outline of the heart. Try to space out the holes equally. 


Thread a piece of yarn onto the needle. 

Begin to go up and down through the holes creating lines with the yarn. 


There isn’t a particular way to do this part. Add lines that go any which way and get creative. 



You can go through the same hole more than once or just one time each depending on the design you want to create. 


Heart String Art Craft


Another idea is to sew along the outline to add a finishing touch.

Glue mini pom poms, buttons, or sequins onto the heat string art (optional).

Add a loop of yarn to the back of the plate to hang your string art or cut around the heart (not too close to the holes and yarn) and add it to the front of a card to make a special valentine. 


Heart String Art Craft