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Rosa Parks Lapbook

Rosa Parks Lapbook

This Rosa Parks lapbook is a great compliment to your study of Rosa Parks and the Civil Rights Movement. It is free and simple to print and create!


In this Rosa Parks Lapbook, you will find:

  • Biographical Information about Rosa Parks
  • A Brief Explanation of the Civil Rights Movement
  • Information about the Montgomery Bus Boycott
  • Quick Facts about Rosa Parks
  • A Look at the Definition of Segregation
  • Quotes from Rosa Parks
  • Definition of Racism
  • Reflection Page



The front cover comes ready to print and color in. Your lapbook may not look exactly like ours and that is fine. Arrange the information any way that you’d like, add additional information to the lapbook, and you can even draw your own illustrations. 



This Rosa Parks lapbook can be just the beginning of a meaningful discussion about racism and the civil rights movement. Encourage your child to find out more information that they wonder about and add it to the lapbook. 



Reflection is one of the best learning tools. Have your child reflect on what he/she has learned and write about their thoughts. It isn’t about writing the perfect paragraph here, it is about jotting down thoughts and making connections. Making a list or bullet points is just as effective for this. For younger children, have them dictate their thoughts and ideas as you write them down for them. 

Download the FREE Rosa Parks Lapbook:

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