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Black History Month Writing Prompts

Black History Month Writing Prompts

I think these Black History Month writing prompts require learners (young and old) to reflect on what they’ve learned and encourage them to communicate their thoughts and ideas through their writing. 

Black History Month Writing Prompts for Kids

These prompts aren’t only for writing! There are so many valuable discussions that could happen as a class and/or as a family with these prompts. 

In a class or as a family, you can focus on one prompt a day or a week. Simply download (below), print, and cut apart into 12 sections. 

My favorite is #11 – Think about inventions made my African Americans. Choose two. How have they changed our world?

Edventures features this awesome list of picture books that go along with our resource that will deepen knowledge, discussions, and writing. 

Download and print your free copy below: