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Car Alphabet Matching

Car Alphabet Matching

Challenge your child to match capital letters and lowercase letters with this FREE Car Alphabet Matching Activity. 


FREE Cars Alphabet Matching


Ways to Use the Car Alphabet Matching Cards: 

  • Sort the cars by color and then identify all of the letters in one set of cars. 
  • Drive your matchbox cars to certain letters or identify the letters you drive by. 
  • Find the Letters of Your Name
  • Put the cars in Alphabetical Order
  • Sort the cars – Cars where the capital letters and lowercase letters look similar and cars where the capital letters and lowercase letters look really different. 
  • Hide the capital letter pieces of the puzzle around the room. Hunt and match each piece to its lowercase letter. 
  • Put magnets on the back and match the pieces on the fridge or on a magnetic easel (working on vertical surfaces is beneficial for wrist and shoulder strength). 
  • Put them in a bag and take them with you to solve in the waiting room or another place that is hard to stay busy. 
  • Let your child cut along the lines to cut apart each planet. Great scissor practice!

FREE Car Matching Activity

This alphabet car match activity is FREE for you to download below and will be a hit with your little car lover:

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