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St. Patrick’s Day Lego Mats for Kids

St. Patrick’s Day Lego Mats for Kids

These St. Patrick’s Day Lego mats for kids are sure to be a hit with your Lego master! 

At our house, building with Legos comes in waves. The kids will be building with Legos non stop and then they don’t touch them for awhile. Usually something will inspire them to get the Legos out and they are off to creating again. 

I’ve also seen the way the kids play with Legos change over time as they get older. From following directions of a store bought kit to designing their own towns and houses. I guess what I’m saying is don’t be quick to get rid of the Legos if they seem like they are not using them. 

St. Patrick's Day Lego Mats for Kids


If you don’t want to include the tally or writing portion of the mat, just trim it off and give your child the building template.

Looking at the template and finding the corresponding sized pieces and placing them in the correct spot is a challenging activity. This activity involves visual tracking (important for reading) and mathematical thinking

St. Patrick's Day Lego Mats for Kids


If the thought of not having the right colored pieces is stressful for your child, the mats also come in black and white. 

This provides an extra challenge of building the shape and then color coding the design template themselves. Plus there won’t be any frustration if you are short on certain pieces. 


St. Patrick's Day Lego Mats for Kids


These St. Patrick’s Day Lego mats will provide hours of entertainment for your children. My hope is that they will have fun creating and then will be inspired to make their own designs. 


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