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Pokemon Badges Craft

Pokemon Badges Craft

This Pokemon Badges Craft is perfect for your Pokemon lover. They are great for parties, room decorations, and pretend play! 


  • Pokemon Badges Craft Template (below)
  • colored craft paper
  • glue
  • pencil
  • black pen
  • scissors



Select colored craft papers according to the shades of the Pokémon badges. Let’s start with the Boulder, Rainbow and Earth badge patterns.

Trace and cut out the badge patterns from the craft papers.



Next, Attach the top half-circular pattern on the base cutout of the Earth badge.

Secure the rainbow colored cutouts onto the base of the Rainbow badge.

Glue two small white strips to the small pattern and attach the two small square cutouts to the base of the Boulder badge.



Glue the parts of each badge together to complete the patterns of the Boulder, Rainbow and Earth badges craft.



Trace and cut out the patterns of the Marsh and Volcano badges.



Then, place and glue the smaller cutout in the middle of the big cutout to complete the Marsh and the Volcano badges.



Trace and cut out the patterns of the Cascade, Soul and Thunder badges.



Attach the white strips on the small cutout of the Thunder pattern.

Glue the smaller cutouts onto the big cutouts for the Soul and the Cascade badges.



Attach the small patterns to complete each badge.



Finally, use a black gel pen to trace outlines around the individual parts of each badge to give them a finished look.


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