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Seashell Wind Chime Craft for Kids

Seashell Wind Chime Craft for Kids

All you need are beads, shells, and a few other supplies for this beautiful wind chime craft for kids. This wind chime makes an awesome porch decoration or gift for someone special.





Go on a hunt for seashells. Use this seashell identification worksheet to help you. Or buy seashells from your local craft store.

With a parents help, carefully punch a hole through each seashell using a thumbtack.

Tip: Some shells are easier to punch than others. Some shells may crack. It’s best to place the shell upside down on a surface and then push the thumbtack against the shell. Sometimes a twisting action might help but typically the hole will punch through with heavy pressure.

Using the same thumbtack, make three holes in the craft stick (on each end and one in the middle) and set it aside.

Cut three strands of thread. Each piece should be about 2 feet long. 

Begin by tying a shell or a bead to the end of each piece of thread. This will keep the rest of the beads and shells in place.



Add more beads and shells to each of the three strands of thread. Keep adding until about half (12 inches) of the string is filled. 


Thread a string through the first hole of the craft stick. Then, add 12 beads on top of the craft stick.

Add another string through the middle hole of the craft stick. Add 9 beads on top of the craft stick on the middle strand. 

Finally, thread the last string through the last hole of the craft stick. Add 12 beads to that thread on top of the craft stick. 


Bring the three strands together and thread them through the same shell or bead.

Add 5 – 7 more beads and shells and then tie the three strands together in a knot.

Use the rest of the thread to make a loop for hangin by tying another knot.



So it’s time to get out there and hunt for the perfect shells for your wind chime. Take this free printable beach scavenger hunt with you to hunt for and find different treasures.