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Summer Alphabet Matching

Summer Alphabet Matching

There are so many ways to use this Summer Alphabet Matching activity. Try it as a busy bag, a puzzle, or as a magnetic refrigerator activity. 


Summer Alphabet Matching Activity


  1. Download and print the Summer Alphabet Matching activity (below).
  2. Cut out each rectangle and then cut apart on the dotted line. 
  3. Challenge your child to match each capital letter to its lowercase letter.

Tip: If this is your child’s first exposure to lowercase letters, start with the lowercase letters that look similar to their capital letter. Then, explore the lowercase letters that look different. 

Other Ideas:

  • Arrange the capital letters in alphabetical order. Then, hide the lowercase letters around the room. Hunt for the lowercase letters and match them to the capital letters. 
  • Put magnets on the back of the pieces. Use this puzzle on a vertical, magnetic surface such as the refrigerator or easel. Take them in the car and use them with a magnetic cookie sheet. 
  • Find the letters of your name. 



Summer Alphabet Matching


Before exploring lowercase letters, make sure your child can identify ALL capital letters fluently. 


Download this Summer Alphabet Matching



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