Summer Photo Challenge for Teens

Ready to challenge your friends to a Summer Photo Challenge? First, download and Print this FREE challenge and see who will come out the winner. 

Use this photo challenge with a group of friends, an organized club, or even family members that live far away. Share the results in a group text message, on social media, on email, or print the pictures out and turn them into a scrapbook.

I love that some things on the list are very obvious (ice cream, pool, flowers). However, others are left open for interpretation (tourists, vintage, break from school).

Next, you may want to set additional rules up front such as if it should be a selfie or if other people are allowed to be in the pictures. Finally, will there be a prize for the winner?


Summer Photo Challenge for Teens

How to Play:

  1. Set a time frame for the challenge (one week, one month, the whole Summer, etc.)
  2. Take a picture of something from the list. 
  3. Hashtag it using a number on the list (optional).
  4. Cross off each picture you take from your list. 
  5. Whoever takes the most pictures from the list at the end of the challenge time, wins!

Download your FREE copy of the Summer Photo Challenge below:


Summer Photo Challenge for Teens


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