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Ocean Count and Clip Cards

Ocean Count and Clip Cards

The ocean has so much to wonder about and explore. Count different sea creatures on these ocean count and clip cards. Develop one-to-one correspondence and strengthen fine motor skills in this activity. 

Ocean Count and Clip Cards


  1. Download and print the Ocean Count and Clip Cards (below).
  2. Cut out the four cards on each page. 
  3. Challenge your child to count the items on the card.
  4. Clip a clothes pin onto the corresponding numeral. If you don’t have a clothes pin you can put a sticker on the number, circle it, or cover it with a Lego. 


I love that these counting cards go up to 25, while many stop at 10. Only use the cards #20 and over for older children that will not find it too much of a visual challenge to count that many items in a small square. 

Using the clothes pin to clip on the answer, strengthens fine mot0r skill development. Or peeling a sticker and placing it on the answer also strengthens fine motor skills. 

Is your child interested in the ocean? Here are a few books that we’d recommend (amazon affiliate links):

Whales: An Illustrated Celebration by Kelsey Oseid

Ocean: A Visual Encyclopedia

Over and Under the Pond by Kate Messner