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20 Fun Birthday Party Games for Tweens

20 Fun Birthday Party Games for Tweens

Whether you are throwing a birthday party or letting your teen have some friends over, then you know how much more of a challenge it can be to find some appropriate fun for them to have. If you are planning a party and you need some great fun ideas to make their party a raging success, party games are a great option! These will give you a chance to let them do something fun and different, and they’ll be talking about these games for months! Here are Fun Party Games for Tweens and Teens to do at their next party.

Active Party Games for Tweens

Here are games that you can play at an outdoor party in your own backyard. These fun games are perfect for an active bunch of party guests.

Capture the Flag - Party Games for Tweens and Teens

Glow in the Dark Capture the Flag from Let’s Get Together –  A spin on this classic game that can be played with a big group of kids at night.

Blindfolded Obstacle Course from WonderMom Wannabe – Can you get your partner through the finish line of the obstacle course with only verbal clues and encouragement? 

Bean Bag Toss Game from Mod Podge Rocks – A fun outdoor game that can be made like she suggests or with paper plates.

Balloon Blow from WonderMom Wannabe – Pairs of kids compete to keep their balloon in the air the longest, only by blowing it.

DIY Yard Yahtzee from Pinning Mama – A great way to get the kids outside!

Twister – A classic party game full of laughter

Cornhole Tournament – A fun party game no matter what age! 

Water Balloons – Partner Catch or Team Battle

Relay Races – You know the relay races we played as children! Running with an egg on a spoon, crab crawl, or balancing a book on your head. 

Battle of Nerf Guns – Everyone bring their own.


Printable Games

These great ideas are sure to be a hit and all you need to do is print them and play for lots of fun!


Make Your Own Escape Room for Kids

Make Your Own Escape Rooms

Make a simple DIY escape room for your group of tweens. If you have a lot of people, have two teams compete with the same clues. 

What’s My Future Dice Game from Say Not Sweet Anne – Teenage girls love this simple game as they ask questions about their future and roll the die. 


What’s in Your Phone Game from WonderMom Wannabe – This game can be a fun way to wind down for the night. 

Charades (150 Ideas) from Pint Sized Treasures – One of the best games that you can play with a group. Play one round or play 10. 

Printable Scattergories Game from Crafting Chicks – This is a fun game for family game night too. This particular printable was made for New Year’s Eve, but it can be played on any night. 

Would You Rather (printable game) from Crafting Chicks – This game brings rounds of giggles especially in the tween stage of life. These would you rather truth questions are comfortable for kids to answer. 


More Awesome Games

These tween and teen party games are a good idea for any get together or for birthday party games.

Candy Ball Game from Kid Friendly Things to Do is such a great game that we will be playing it at all holidays from now on. Basically you unwrap the goodies from the ball while the next player rolls a certain thing on the dice (doubles or a certain number) to end your turn and start their turn to collect the goodies. If you don’t want to add the dice into the game, players can have a short time limit to unwrap. The game ends when all of the prizes have been collected. 


Getting to Know You Ball from More Than Elementary – Toss the ball and when the music stops or the timer goes off, the last person holding the ball answers a question that their hand is touching. 


Nail Polish Spin Game from One Creative Mommy – This game is so much fun or small groups. Even little kids could play this game. Spin the board to see which color you will paint each toe. 

Conversation Jenga from Sunshine and Hurricanes – A fun slumber party game. 

Giant Outdoor Jenga from A Beautiful Mess – Perfect for a backyard party!

10 Minute to Win It Games from Happiness is Homemade

Gummy Bears in Whipped Cream from WonderMom Wannabe – The game starts with a plate full of whipped cream with a certain number of gummy bears mixed in. Who will find all of the gummy bears first without using their hands (only their face)?

Black Jack – A classic card game of adding to 21. Use candy instead of money. 

Scavenger Hunt


What About Prizes?

Keep it simple and inexpensive with the prizes! Here are some ideas:

  • candy
  • temporary tatoos
  • scrunchies or nail polish
  • glow in the dark necklaces

Party Games for Tweens

These party games for tweens are sure to be a hit at your child’s next party! Offer choices to the group about the order of the games. “Which game do you guys want play first, cornhole or minute to win it games?” This will let your child and the group feel more in control of the party. Remember, constant games aren’t required. This age group likes to hang out and talk in between games and activities.  You can also check out these slumber party games for teens for more inspiration. 

Which games will you try first?