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Dot to Dot Worksheets Numbers 1 to 20 (free printable)

Dot to Dot Worksheets Numbers 1 to 20 (free printable)

These FREE dot to dot printables are a must have for a fun way to practice number recognition and number order skills. I created these free dot to dot sheets with Kindergarten kids in mind. They need a lot of practice with the important skills of counting, so using numbers 1-20 seemed like the appropriate level and number of dots. 

Basic Skills:

  • Counting 
  • Number Identification
  • Least to Greatest
  • Number Order
  • Hand-eye Coordination
  • Number Fluency
  • Knowledge of Numbers


Dot to Dot Printables 1-20 FREE

These fun dot to dot puzzles are a great way to practice basic counting skills.

Click each link to download the FREE dot to dot printables 1-20.


Animal Dot to Dots

From arctic animals to dinosaurs, these animal dot to dots printables will have your animal lover excited for the challenge.

Dinosaurs Dot to Dot

This plant eating dinosaur will be a huge hit!

Penguin Dot to Dot

Goes great with any Winter theme. 

Fish Dot to Dot

This could be used with the book The Rainbow Fish

Turtle Dot to Dot

A great companion for The Tortoise and the Hare.

Whale Dot to Dot

Pair this with other Jonah and the Whale activities or an ocean themed book or unit. 


Seasonal Dot to Dot Worksheets

These printable worksheets are one of our favorite ways to celebrate seasons and holidays. 


Butterfly Dot to Dot

When you reveal the hidden object, the Butterfly Dot to Dot gets a lot of ooohs and aaahs. It has minimal details on purpose so kids can design their own butterfly after they complete the final picture. Great for Spring time!



Leaf Dot to Dot

Perfect for Fall and also an introduction to symmetry. 


Turkey Dot to Dot

A Thanksgiving themed or farm themed dot to dot. 


Candy Cane Dot to Dot

This is an easy dot to dot because most kids can guess what the finished picture is before starting, but they love it either way. 


Christmas Tree Dot to Dot

Add ornaments and decorations to the tree when you are finished with the outline. 


Gingerbread Man Dot to Dot

Run run as fast as you can! You can’t catch me, I’m the gingerbread man! Pair this with your favorite gingerbread man book. 


Snowman Dot to Dot

This page of dot to dots gives you the chance to add the rest of the snowman’s face.


Transportation Dot to Dot Pages

A great activity for boat and train lovers! These dot to dot activities can be a little tricker as far as making sure to go in numerical order.  

Train Dot to Dot

You could use this worksheet with the book The Little Engine that Could.

Boat Dot to Dot


Princess Dot to Dots

More Printable dot to dots for educational fun


Crown Dot to Dot

Decorate the crown with color, sequins, and even glitter.


Magic Lamp Dot to Dot

Extend this worksheet with a writing activity. What is something you would wish for on a magic lamp?


These dot to dot printables 1-20 will help your students become consistent in identifying numerals, especially the teen numbers that can be tricky for this age. Seeing them and saying them (even in their head) as they connect the dots is beneficial for all students. These are also great to print for long car rides and restaurants (or somewhere that is hard to wait). Children may want to spend time coloring these after they are finished. If not, that is ok! They worked with the numbers and have had the exposure that you wanted them to have.

If you have any requests for themed dot to dots that you’d like created, leave a comment and I’ll do my best to create them and add them to the list.

Do you need a dot to dot with even simpler numbers for younger children? 


Check out these easy dot to dot printables for preschoolers from Free Preschool Printables with numbers 1-10. 


You can also use dot to dots to practice letter recognition and alphabetical order. Try these alphabet dot to dot printables




Looking for simple Color by Number Pages? Saving Talents shares 42 free color by number worksheets that are a great way to make learning fun! 



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