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100 Days of School Activities for Kindergarten

100 Days of School Activities for Kindergarten

The 100th day of kindergarten is a special day. The 100th day celebration is a big deal to the students and is a great way to try some new kindergarten activities that involve lots of learning. Here are our favorite 100 Days of School Activities for Kindergarten. 

You could spend the entire day working on different stations or just pick a couple of fun ideas that would compliment your normal routine and schedule for the whole class. Either way, these 100th Day activities will be all you need for a day of fun!

100th Day Math Activities

Practice different math skills with these math games and fun activities.


100th Day of Kindergarten Coin Flip

Flip a Coin 100 Times and Record Your Results. Download the 100th Day of School Coin Toss.


100th Day of Kindergarten activity


Put 100 stickers or dots on this page of 10 frames. Download and print the 100 Days of school 10 frames.


100 Days of School Activities for Kindergarten

Use a Q-tip to make 100 dots. Download and print the 100 Days of School dot activity.


  • Hide the numbers 1-100 around the room on sticky notes and have students find and put them in order. What a fun way to practice sequencing numbers!
  • Sort 100 objects by color, shape or size.
  • Make a hundreds chart with 5 mistakes on it (numbers in the wrong spot). Have students find your 5 mistakes. Download a Blank 100s Chart.
  • Write 100 Tally Marks. It is a great idea to roll a die and add the tally marks. Have pairs of students work together to roll and add to the tally marks until they reach 100. This means they need to be aware of when to cross the 5th tally mark and how many they have all together on the way to 100.
  • Connect 100 paper clips to make a necklace. A fun activity and fine motor challenge. 
  • Make a fruit loops necklace or use 100 beads by lacing them on a string (great for fine motor skills) – Every 10 fruit loops or beads should be a different color so it is easy to count.
  • Hundreds Chart Race to 100 Game. This is a fun game of rolling a die and covering or coloring each number on the hundreds chart (moving left to right, top to bottom).


Tons of Fun Stem Challenges for the 100th Day

These stem challenges will challenge kids to solve problems in different ways whether they work in small groups or independently. 

  • Build the tallest structure you can with 100 blocks
  • What can you create using 100 pattern blocks?
  • Take 100 plastic cups and build a structure using all of the cups. 
  • Stack 100 coins
  • What can you build with 100 pipe cleaners (cut them in half before you begin to minimize supplies used)?
  • What will 100 drops of water look like in a cup? Make a prediction and then test it out. 
  • Cut apart completed 100s charts in different shapes to make puzzles. Students will use what they know about patterns on the hundreds chart to put them back together. 


100th Day Language Arts Activities

These language arts activities are a great opportunity to practice literacy skills after 100 days of school. 

100 Days of School Activities for Kindergarten Writing Letters

I can write 100th Day of School Letters Activity

Whether they write capital letters and/or lowercase letters. Filling up the chart will have them saying “Wow! 100 is a lot!”.

  • Read 100 sight words
  • 50 Books to Celebrate the 100th Day from Kinder Craze

A shared story is something your students will read over and over throughout the year. Make a class book:

  • I would love 100…
  • I do NOT want 100….
  • I’ve been told 100 times to….

100th Day Snacks

  • Does your box of raisins have 100? 
  • Snack on a bag of 100 grapes
  • Eat 100 crackers


100th Day of School Crafts


100 Days of School Activities for Kindergarten 100 Monster


Draw a crazy 100th Day Monster! Download and print your copy of 100 Days of School Monster.


Cut out a one and 2 zeros for each student. Challenge them to glue them on the paper (in any way they want) and create a picture with them. Picture from Wolfelicious

  • Make a 100th day quilt by having students decorate squares (that each have a number 1-100). Hang the squares on the wall in order to make a class quilt that represents the 100th day of class.
  • Create a picture using 100 googly eyes. One of the best ways for kindergarten kids to strengthen hand muscles by squeezing the glue bottle. 


100th Day of School Project


100 Days of School Activities for Kindergarten Crown


Make a 100 Days of School Crown using construction paper around the head and these printable strips of 10. Use dot markers, stickers, or q-tips to put something in each box. Your crown will have 100 filled squares. Download the 100th Day Crown Strips. 

  • Make a paper chain with 100 rings
  • As a class, complete 100 acts of kindness together and keep track on a chart as you go. Use tally marks or the chart of 10 frames (above) to keep track.
  • Learn how to say the number 100 in different languages.
  • Give each student 100 dot stickers (dollar store) and challenge them to create a picture on construction paper using all 100 stickers. 
  • Work together to complete a 100 piece puzzle.
  • Make a class collection of hundreds items. Each child brings from home 100 of something in a ziplock or plastic bottle (must fit in one of those) to display. It could be pom poms, macaroni, coins, toothpicks, etc.)

Get Active on the 100th Day

  • Do 100 exercises (10 jumping jacks, 10 squats, 10 high knees, 10 push ups, 10 sit ups, 10 arm circles, 10 toe touches, 10 hops, 10 bear crawls, 10 lunges)
  • Have a dance party for 100 seconds, set a timer.
  • Make a hopscotch game with sidewalk chalk that counts by 10s to 100.



Make sure to print our 100th Day of School Coloring Pages. Use them individually or turn them into a coloring book for this special day. 



Check out these super simple 100th Day of School t shirt ideas that we love!


So much 100th day fun! We hope you were inspired by these 100 days of school ideas!


100 Days of School Kindergarten Activities