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Free Black and White Multiplication Chart (printable)

Free Black and White Multiplication Chart (printable)

A black and white multiplication chart is an easy reference for math facts and saves on ink. Using a multiplication chart can help 3rd grade children find answers to a multiplication problem quickly. Download and print the black and white free multiplication chart below.

Printable Multiplication Table

These Printable Multiplication Charts are free to print and simple to use. If you want to multiply 5 x 2, put one finger on the 5 (on the top row), one finger on the 2 (on the left column) and move your fingers down and across until they meet. They will meet at the answer, 10

The black and white versions of the free printable multiplication chart allow you to highlight different facts or fact families that your child is struggling with.

Download the Black and White Multiplication Chart HERE

Tips for Learning Multiplication Facts

Start with the 2s, then 5s, then 10s. Then work on fact families.

Download the Multiplication Facts Chart HERE

A Trick for the 9s

  • Hold your hands in front of you with your fingers spread out.
  • If the problem is 9 x 4, bend in your 4th finger (from the left)
  • In front of the bent finger you have 3 fingers. After the bent finger you have 6 fingers
  • So the answer is 36.

A Trick for the 4s

  • Double a number and double it again.
  • If the problem is 6 x 4, double 6 (12) and then double 12 (24).
  • Or double 6 (12), double 6 again (12) and add up both doubles (12 + 12 = 24)
  • A Trick for the 10s
  • Each number multiplied by 10 adds a zero to it.
  • 4 x 10 = 40, 7 x 10=70

A Trick for the 11s

  • Any number times 11 is that digit doubled.
  • 11 x 6 = 66, 11 x 4 = 44

Whether your child relies on the times table charts, skip counts in their head, or uses their fingers it is important for your child to find a strategy that works for them. It may not be the strategy that you recommend or what works for you, but it is only beneficial if it works for them.


Blank charts are a great way to practice skip counting or to focus on certain fact families.

Download the Blank Multiplication Table Chart HERE

Different Ways to Use the Blank Multiplication Table Chart

  • Print the blank multiplication table and challenge your child to fill it in. This is a simple thing to incorporate into math centers.
  • Print out the filled version of the chart and a blank table. Cut out the numbers from the completed chart, mix them up, and glue them onto the blank chart.



Super Teacher Worksheets has printable worksheets if you want to do a timed challenge or just print multiplication worksheets for more practice.