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Fall Writing Prompts for Kids to Get Creative With

Fall Writing Prompts for Kids to Get Creative With

Here are 30 fun fall writing prompts to inspire your students to write. Get to know each other with 10 back to school writing prompts. Focus on Fall with 10 Fall writing prompts. Get creative with 10 Fall story starters. Need more Fall activities? Try these Fall bingo printables or Fall coloring pages

Fall Writing Prompts for Kids


Fun Fall Writing Prompts

These Fall journal prompts are a fun way to write about the Fall season. Pick a daily writing prompt, give your students time to complete it and then allow time for the students to share what they wrote. 

  1. Which is better pumpkin pie, apple pie, or no pie? Why?
  2. Explain the steps of carving a pumpkin. What will yours look like when it is finished?
  3. Scarecrows are used to keep birds away from crops. If you designed a scarecrow, what would it look like?
  4. Fall is the time of the year that leaves change color. If you could pick a color (or design) for ALL of the leaves to turn to, what would it be and why?
  5. Why do you think people refer to the Fall weather as having “crisp air”?
  6. You are in charge of organizing a game booth at a Fall festival. What will your game be and what prizes can be won?
  7. Plan the perfect Thanksgiving dinner. Who will be there? What will you eat?
  8. What is your favorite fall memory?
  9. Which famous person would you want to invite to Thanksgiving dinner and why?
  10. What do you think people were talking about at the first Thanksgiving?

Download these 10 Fall Writing Prompts HERE 


Fall Writing Prompts for Kids


Fun Writing Prompts for the Beginning of the School Year

This my favorite way of getting to know my young students at the beginning of the school year. It is a great way to get young writers to get their ideas onto paper before working on different writing skills.

  1. What is your favorite food that you could eat every day if you had to?
  2. Describe your favorite thing that you use ALL of the time?
  3. What is your favorite book? Describe the main character.
  4. Describe one thing that could be added to the school bus that would make riding it an adventure.
  5. What time do you go to bed? What would you do with your time if you stayed up later?
  6. Tell me about a character trait that you are proud that you have?
  7. What is the most important characteristic that a friend should have?
  8. Share about something that makes you extremely angry?
  9. What would you do if you found $100 on the ground outside of school?
  10. Where would you want to go on your next vacation? Why?

Download these 10 Back to School Writing Prompts HERE 


Fall Writing Prompts for Kids


Fall Story Starters

We always have a great time hearing how all of the stories that start with the same story starter all turn out a little bit different! Turn one of these Fall story starters into a short story.

  1. Jane and her friends decide to go to a corn maze. After the second turn, they saw an enormous, bright purple light. 
  2. Jumping in leaf piles full of colorful leaves was something fun that Kyle and his brothers loved to do in the Fall. One day they found something incredibly rare in the middle of the third leaf pile.
  3. The first frost of the season is almost here. Timmy the hedgehog is getting ready for hibernation, but all of a sudden he realizes that he doesn’t have…..
  4. Out of the million leaves turning colors this Fall, there was only one leaf that turned the color of fluorescent pink. Being different can be lonely, but it can also be awesome because fluorescent pink also comes with a super power. 
  5. There once was a worm that lived in an apple. Everyone was scared of it and screamed when they saw it, but the worm just wanted to make friends. One day….
  6. “They won’t eat me!” thought Tommy the turkey to himself.  He knew just how to trick the farmer…..
  7. The pumpkin patch was always busy during the day. People loved picking out the perfect pumpkin, enjoying hay rides, and eating delicious desserts. Nobody would have ever guessed what was happening at the pumpkin patch during the night!
  8. There was one corn stalk that grew faster than all of the others. Each day it doubled in size. One day it appeared to reach the sky. It was sturdy enough to climb so I…..
  9. As I reached my hand inside the pumpkin, I noticed that all of the seeds were……
  10. As I ran from house to house with the other Trick or Treaters, I couldn’t help but notice that I was the only one getting…

Download these 10 Fall Story Starters HERE 

We hope your writers are inspired by these fun prompts. Don’t forget that giving the opportunity to share their writing is important for the writer and the audience. Listening to different styles of writing is beneficial for each learner and it may spark new ideas. Illustrating the writing can be fun and beneficial for writers although not every piece needs an illustration. Keep the writings in a notebook or folder to reread and reflect on throughout the year. This is also a great tool for you, the teacher, to see growth over time.