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Fun Candy Corn Crafts for Kids

Fun Candy Corn Crafts for Kids

These candy corn crafts for preschoolers are lots of fun for young children. A fun craft using simple supplies makes a sweet addition to your Fall decor or Halloween party decorations.

Candy Corn Crafts for Preschoolers

Tearing Paper Candy Corn Craft from Thriving Home is the perfect simple craft for preschoolers. I like that it is open ended and they are developing their fine motor skills as they tear the pieces of paper and squeeze the glue bottle. The candy corn patterns are a free printable to print onto card stock. Then, all you need is orange paper, yellow paper, and white construction paper. A glue stick would work for this project, but a bottle of white glue to squeeze will help the paper pieces stick better and it dries clear. 

Make an Adorable Candy Corn Man from Meaningful Mama. Heavy paper and googly eyes make these candy corn men a big hit to make and play with. 

Popsicle Stick Candy Corn Craft from Glued to My Crafts is a really cool way to build a piece of candy corn from wood.

Candy Corn Sponge Painting from I Heart Arts n Crafts is such a fun Fall craft. First, cut sponges into candy corn shapes. They dipped the sponge onto a plate with the paint already spread into sections. You could also paint the sponge in three different sections and then stamp the sponge onto black paper.


Simple Candy Corn Craft Projects for Kids

Tissue paper and contact paper candy corn from Typically Simple. Place pieces of tissue paper onto the contact paper, use a hole punch at the top, and hand it up for a great decoration.

Paper Plate Candy Corn Wreath from Paper Plate Fun is so cool! All they used are paper plates, paint, and a ribbon. What an easy project that looks so good!

Candy Corn Garland made out of paper plates from The Gracious Wife is so cool. Have your preschooler paint the paper plates like they show and then cut it apart and string it together to make garland or a candy corn banner (by adding letters to spell words such as welcome, your family’s last name, Happy Fall, etc.).

Real Candy Corn Flowers Craft from The Resourceful Mama uses candy corn, buttons, and pipe cleaner stems. So much fun!


Easy Halloween Crafts for Preschoolers

Mosaic Candy Corn from Easy Peasy and Fun is a great craft! Rip the pieces of paper (or use paint chips) and fit them onto your candy corn piece in a mosaic way.

Button Candy Corn Craft from Mom Wife Busy Life is a fun project that use buttons, beads, and pom poms to create a candy corn collage.

I love this Candy Corn Pumpkin for the Fall season from A Thrifty Mom. It is a great way to decorate a pumpkin without having to carve it.

Cool Candle Holder from Budget Savvy Diva is a cool project that older children and preschoolers can enjoy together. All you need is a pot, yellow paint, orange paint, and white paint. You can get a batter operated tea light candle from the dollar store to put inside of it.


Other Fun Candy Corn Crafts

How to Draw Candy Corn Free Printable is an easy peasy drawing tutorial for your preschooler.

Candy Corn Learning Activities

Candy corn is one of my favorite things to treat myself to this time of year. So I usually have a bag of it on hand. I will gladly give it up to sneak in some learning though. Here are Learning Activities using Real Candy Corn from This Reading Mama that I love!