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Insect Dice Game (free printable)

Insect Dice Game (free printable)

This insect dice game is so much fun! It can be used in Math centers, played in a small group, and goes with any bug theme lesson plans.

Number of Players: 2-4

Targets Different Skills:

  • number recognition
  • counting
  • visual discrimination
  • tracking
  • Setting Up:

Each player needs:

  • Game board Printable (each game board is slightly different)
  • 1 printable chart (each chart is the same)
  • Dice (dot dice or number dice)
  • Game pieces to cover the insects (buttons, gems, pom poms, or blocks)


How to Play:

  1. The first player rolls one die, looks at the chart to find the number that was rolled and what insect that number goes with. That player finds that insect in the bug jar and covers it with a game piece (button, block, gem, etc.).
  2. Then, the next player rolls the die, looks at the chart, and covers the insect that was rolled.
  3. Players continue to roll and cover the insects.
  4. If a number is rolled and that insect is not available, that player does not cover an insect and their turn is over.
  5. The first player to cover all of their insects is the winner!



We love new games and the best part about this fun game is that the whole family can play with their young learner. There are the same number of bugs in each jar (10) and younger children will naturally start asking themselves, “How many have I covered?” and “How many more do I need to win?”. Math games like this are beneficial for young children and their mathematical thinking. Without even realizing they are developing math skills, they are being exposed to number sense and beginning addition concepts.

This is a great game for older children to play with their younger siblings. I love that each of the bug jar game boards is different and children will want to keep playing over and over again while trying to figure out which game card is best and what numbers they seem to roll often (probability).

Download the FREE Printable Insect Dice Game HERE

Younger children will love the realistic bug pictures in this bug game. Maybe your child will start noticing the shared characteristics of each insect picture and will naturally want to learn more about them.

What is an insect?

  • An insect has 3 body parts – head, thorax, abdomen
  • An insect has 6 legs.
  • An insect has a pair of antennae on its head.

Print the Insect Characteristics Card and go a hunt for bugs. Not every bug is an insect. Check the characteristics and see if what you have found is an insect. You can also use the insect characteristics card to sort plastic insects into two piles – insects and not insects. 

Do your kids love insects? Have you thought about having a bug birthday party?