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Free Multiplication Bingo Game (printable)

Free Multiplication Bingo Game (printable)

This is a free, printable multiplication bingo game for two players to practice their multiplication facts. This is a fast paced game of rolling dice and times tables.


  • Game Board
  • 2 Dice
  • 2 Sets of Different Colored Bingo chips, blocks, erasers, or a dot marker.

This unique interactive bingo game is a fun way to practice multiplication problems. It includes basic multiplication facts through 6. Small groups can use it at a math center or if you want it to be a whole class game, simply give game cards to each pair of students. This math bingo game can also be played individually by encouraging the student to roll and get 5 in a row.




  1. Download and print the bingo cards. Each multiplication bingo card is used by 2 players.
  2. The first player rolls 2 dice. Then, they multiply the two numbers together that they rolled. That player covers the answer (the product) with their bingo chip (or block, eraser, or dot marker).
  3. The next player rolls 2 dice, multiplies the two numbers together, and covers the answer (product).
  4. Players continue to take turns rolling and covering the numbers.
  5. The first person to cover five in a row, wins!



Two player game are a great way to build social skills and sportsmanship (positive attitudes when you win or lose).

Multiplication games that focus on basic facts are the best choice for reluctant learners. They build confidence and fluency in their math skills. Multiplication tables can be tricky to learn. Repetition with a small amount of facts in a fun game is a better choice than multiplication worksheets.

Different Games to Practice Multiplication

Multiplication War

  1. Divide a deck of playing cards like you would for a game of War.
  2. Each player flips over the top card from their pile at the same time.
  3. Both players work to multiply the numbers together and figure out the answer (product).
  4. The first player to say the answer wins that set of cards.
  5. Continue until the entire stack of cards has been flipped and multiplied.
  6. Both players count the number of cards they won. Whoever has the most cards wins.


Multiplication Squares from Games 4 Gains – This 2 player dice game is a great game for making learning fun.


Free Printable Multiplication Wheels Worksheets


Check out our Multiplication Wheels Worksheets for more practice with fact families. 


Free printable black and white multiplication chart to use at home or in the classroom.