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Dog Memory Matching Game (free printable)

Dog Memory Matching Game (free printable)

Memory games are a lot of fun for kids of all ages. This new game is a Dog Memory Matching Game for dog lovers. Not only do the cards have different kind of dogs on them, but the matching pairs of cards also include interesting facts about dogs too. Colorful illustrations of different dog breeds

Matching Game Rules

The purpose of this memory game is to match the dogs and listen to the interesting facts. 

Memory Game Rules

  1. Arrange the cards in a grid (4 rows of 4 cards). 
  2. The first player flips over two cards making sure to leave them in the spots where they were.
  3. If the memory cards match, collect the pair and take another turn. 
  4. If the cards do not match, flip them back over in the same spot where they were. Your turn is over. 
  5. Continue taking turns flipping over two cards at a time. 
  6. When all of the matches have been found, whoever has the largest number of cards is the winner!


This cute dogs memory matching game is FULL of interesting facts! It is a classic card memory matching game with a twist of dog facts to learn while you play.  

Fun Fact

  • A dog can smell 10,000 times better than a human.
  • A dog sweats through glands in its paw pads.
  • Every dog has a unique nose print. No nose print is the same. 
  • A puppy cannot see or hear for the first two weeks of his life.
  • Dogs can see in the dark.
  • Dogs have 10 more teeth than humans do.
  • A dog’s ear has 18 muscles.
  • A dog can understand about 250 words.
  • Dogs are not color blind. They see shades of yellow and blue best.
  • Dogs cool themselves by panting.
  • Dogs have 3 eyelids. 
  • Dogs sleep 10-14 hours a day.
  • Most dogs can run 15-20 miles per hour. 

You will have so much fun sharpening your memory skills with this great matching game full of playful puppies! 

Download the Dog Memory Matching Game HERE


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