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Free Printable 4 Piece Puzzles for Kids

Free Printable 4 Piece Puzzles for Kids

Your preschooler or toddler will love these free printable 4 piece puzzles. The simple puzzles with different themes are a great way for young minds to strengthen cognitive skills, spatial awareness, and hand-eye coordination. 

Each theme included has 2 piece, 3 piece, and 4 piece puzzles. Print your own puzzle from one of these 18 themes of different puzzles that kids love. A 4-piece puzzle is a great introduction to problem solving for little learners.

Featured Themes:

  • Dinosaur Puzzles
  • Princess Puzzles
  • Superhero Puzzles
  • Frozen Puzzles
  • Lego Puzzles
  • Zoo Animal Puzzles
  • 3 Little Pigs Puzzles
  • Cinderella Puzzles
  • Fall Puzzles
  • Halloween Puzzles
  • Gingerbread Puzzles
  • Christmas Puzzles
  • Nativity Puzzles
  • Winter Puzzles
  • Ninja Puzzles
  • Robot Puzzles
  • Cars Puzzles
  • Emotions Puzzles

FREE Printable 4 Piece Puzzles for Kids


Popular Themed Puzzles



Free Printable Dinosaur Puzzles

Printable Dinosaur Puzzles


Princess Printable 4 Piece Puzzles

4 Piece Princess Puzzles


Superhero Printable 4 Piece Puzzles

Superhero Printable Puzzles


Frozen Preschool Puzzles Printable

Frozen Printable Puzzles


Lego 4-Piece Puzzles


Zoo Animal Puzzles


Puzzles Based on Books

3 Little Pigs Puzzles


Cinderella Printable Puzzles


Seasonal Puzzles



Fall 4 Piece Puzzles


FREE Halloween Puzzles


Gingerbread Man Puzzles


Christmas Printable Puzzles


Nativity Puzzles


Winter Puzzles


Other Themed Puzzles

Ninja Puzzles


Robot Puzzles


Printable Cars Puzzles


Cars Puzzles


Other Ways to Use these Picture Puzzles:

For young children, you can print two copies of the free puzzle and use one as a puzzle board to match the cut apart pieces to. This is a great way to use these puzzles in the toddler years. 

Make magnetic puzzles by sticking a magnet on the back of each of the printable puzzle pieces. Then, little hands can manipulate the pieces on a vertical surface such as a refrigerator or easel. Working on a vertical surface in the early years is the best way to strengthen different muscles in the shoulders, arms, and wrists that are important for writing. 

A fun way to change things up is to hide the pieces around the room and then challenge your child to find them and put them together. Make it a race and see how fast you can do it. So much fun!

Take these puzzle games with you in a ziplock bag and put them together while you are waiting at a restaurant or appointment. Having something to focus on helps young children wait just a bit longer. 


Which of the 4 piece printable puzzles will you try first?