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Beauty and the Beast Gift Ideas for Kids

Beauty and the Beast Gift Ideas for Kids

 These Beauty and the Beast gift ideas are the perfect way to surprise Beaty and the Beast fans this holiday season, for a special occasion, or as a fun birthday gift. (affiliate links) These unique gifts will bring so much joy to someone special.

The fairy tale of Beauty and the Beast starts with an arrogant prince who falls under a spell and is turned into a beast until he learns to love and be loved. He must find true love before the last petal falls from the rose. Belle meets the Beast as she is on a mission to save her father (who is being held prisoner by the Beast). With endearing enchanted servants, Belle begins to warm up to the Beast and he warms up to her in return. At the end, the fall in love and the Beast turns back into a prince and the servants turn back into people. Of course, they live happily ever after. This Disney movie is a classic!



Bring your favorite characters to life with these Beauty and the Beast toys. These 12 inch dolls are about the size of Barbies and are so fun to play with. This Lego set is perfect to build, create, and then spend hours playing with. These temporary tattoos are a fun gift and can easily be paired with other things. 

Belle Doll – A 12 inch doll

Beast Doll – A 12 inch doll

Belle’s Castle Lego Set – A Winter castle scene

Beauty and the Beast Fake Tattoos – Great for party favors and stocking stuffers!



From pretend play to Halloween, these costumes are perfect for kids to dress up in. Whether their favorite character is Belle or Chip, they will have so much fun dressing up and pretending. 

Belle Costume -Little girls will feel like a Disney princess in this iconic gold ball gown.

Beast Costume for Older Kids – A beast costume for Halloween or pretend play. This Beast Costume for Toddlers will fit smaller children.

Chip Costume – Now you can be the adorable character of Chip!

Beast T-Shirt – This is the perfect gift idea for someone who wants to celebrate one of their favorite Beauty and the Beast characters without dressing up in a costume. It comes in different colors too!



Great gift ideas for any Disney fan. These are some of my favorite gifts because you can’t go wrong with a game of Memory. Your child will spend hours playing with these figures and who doesn’t want to drink from a Chip tea cup? The night light projector is perfect for the child who feels too old for a night light, but still wants that comfort of light at bedtime. I love that you can switch out the designs and princesses.

Memory Game – This game is great for all princess lovers and provides hours of educational fun!

Night Light Projector – I love that this night light can be changed out to include different princesses!

Beauty and the Beast Figures – You can play with these main characters in so many ways. Build them a castle from a cardboard box, put them in the bath tub, or take them with you to play with in the car. 

Beauty and the Beast Chip Mug – This mug is adorable and useful!





These gift ideas are useful and delightful! A water bottle and sweatshirt are useful and so cute. The tea set is enchanted and I can’t get over how cool it is. The waterproof stickers are so popular right now to put on water bottles.

Beauty and the Beast Water Bottle – Perfect for traveling!

Enchanted Tea Set – This is not your average cup of tea. Mrs. Potts blinks her eyes and Chip wobbles on his saucer. This Beauty and the Beast tea set is awesome!

Beauty and the Beast Waterproof Stickers – You can put these on water bottles, notebooks, or lunch boxes. They are thick and durable.

Beauty and the Beast Sweatshirt – Cozy and features your favorite princess!


Fans of Beauty and the Beast will love these unique gifts that go with this classic story in an elegant way! These gifts may be for older children or young adults. They will remind you of your favorite parts of the movie. From the song that you can’t help but sing along to and a beautiful necklace to an enchanted rose and a cool tote bag for traveling, one of these gifts is sure to be a hit. 

Beauty and the Beast Music Box – Plays the classic song.

Enchanted Beauty and the Beast Rose Necklace – A beautiful symbol to remind you of true love.

Enchanted Red Rose in a Glass Dome – This is a beautiful display similar to the enchanted rose in the movie.

Beauty and the Beast Tote Bag – Great idea for the Beauty and the Beast fan who is always on the go.


These are great Beauty and the Beast gifts to pair with something else or to use as a stocking stuffer. You can’t go wrong with a good book and I love this necklace activity kit to get creative and stylish with. 

Beauty and the Beast Book – Read the Beauty and the Beast story over and over again. 

Princess Jewelry Box

Princess Necklace Activity Set – This set includes Belle and 4 other princesses. Make your own necklace to match your outfit or your mood.

Princess Lip Balms 



Disney Beauty and the Beast fans will love these gifts that highlight their favorite Beauty and the Beast characters.