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Draw a Monster Dice Game

Draw a Monster Dice Game

Draw a Monster Dice Game is a fun activity to practice counting, number recognition, and fine motor skills while you get creative. The best part of this great activity is that everyone ends up with different monster drawings and it is so much fun to see the end results. What kind of monster will you come up with? Cute monsters? A crazy monster?

How to Play the Roll-a-Monster Math Game


  1. Roll the die.
  2. Look at the chart to see which monster body part to draw.
  3. If you roll a 1, add an eye.
  4. Add a leg if you roll a 2.
  5. Roll a 3 and add teeth.
  6. Draw an arm if you roll a 4.
  7. If you roll a 5, roll again to see what color your monster (or part of it) will be.
  8. When you roll a 6, you get to add some bonus features. Roll twice and look at the chart to see what to add.

How to Play with 2 Players

  1. The first player rolls the die and draws the monster parts. 
  2. Then, the second player rolls and draws. 
  3. Continue passing it back and forth until the game is over. 


How to End the Game

  • Decide on a certain number of rolls before you start (an easy number to remember like 10 or 20) and the game ends after those rolls are complete, even if you haven’t rolled all of the numbers.
  • Roll and draw until you have roll each number at least once. Keep adding to your monster until you have rolled each number at least one time. Then, the game is over.


How to Play with a Large Group

  1. Everyone starts with a Roll a Monster Dice Game in front of them.
  2. Each player rolls the die one time and draws the corresponding part of the picture they rolled.
  3. Then, each player passes their board game to the right.
  4. Roll the die again and add parts of the drawing to the new paper in front of you.
  5. Pass the paper and roll again. Keep going until you have your own monster back in front of you. Roll one more time and the game is over.
  6. Look at the different drawings and laugh about them. What a good idea for a classroom Halloween party!


Draw a Monster Dice Game FREE


Download the Monster Dice Game HERE 


We love dice drawing games! Uses this great game as a math center activity. It is a great way to have children work together on a fun game and get to know each other. 

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