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How to Build a Lego Christmas Tree

How to Build a Lego Christmas Tree

Have you ever wondered how to build a Lego Christmas tree? This is a fun activity for Lego fans and their whole family. Make your own Lego Christmas tree ornament in a few simple steps. 


How to Build a Lego Christmas Tree


Get inspired to decorate with Legos this holiday season! It is a fun way to strengthen fine motor skills. Building with Legos is a great way to develop STEM skills too. 

Lego Pieces Needed to Make a Lego Tree

Lego Bricks

  • 1 gold 1×1 round brick 
  • 8 1×1 plant plates (green bricks)
  • 1 2×2 round plate
  • 1 tree
  • 1 black 1×1 plate with lamp holder
  • 2 1×1 circles (brown blocks)


If you have different colors to use, it is ok! Use what you have. If you are missing a specific piece, find a similar piece that you can use instead. If it is important to you to have the tree a solid green color, you can always spray paint it. 


Detailed Steps for this DIY Project


First, use the two brown bricks to form the tree trunk. Stack and connect the 2 1×1 brown circles on top of each other. Put the 2×2 round plate on top of the brown circles. 



Next, connect 4 of the plant plates to the 2×2 (green) round plate. 



Then, connect fill the next row with the last 4 remaining plant plates. 



Place the tree piece on top of the plant pieces. Snap together. 



Next, attach the gold round brick to the top of the tree. 



Finally, connect the black 1×1 plate with the lamp holder to the top of the tree. This is the piece you will add string to to make it an ornament (optional).


How to Build a Lego Christmas Tree


And that’s it! A simple Lego Tree. Isn’t it adorable? If you don’t have the exact pieces, that is ok! Find something similar that will work.

Make a Lego Christmas tree ornament as a gift or for your own Christmas tree. What other types of ornaments can you make with Legos? 

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