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The Gingerbread Man Headbands Pack (free printable)

The Gingerbread Man Headbands Pack (free printable)

After reading the classic version of The Gingerbread Man, download these free printable Gingerbread man headbands to use with your students.

Characters Included

  • Gingerbread Man
  • Gingerbread Girl
  • Little Old Woman
  • Little Old Man
  • Fox
  • Horse
  • Cow
  • Pig
  • Sheep


Gingerbread Man Headband Free Printable


There are so many different versions of The Gingerbread Man and we love to read them all! It’s a great way to compare the characters or setting of the story. We love to talk about how the endings differ. 


Gingerbread Girl Headband Free Printable



There are many different ways you can use the gingerbread man headband pack this holiday season. Use these free printables to enrich your curriculum or story telling experience. 


Gingerbread Man Fox Headband Free Printable


How to Make the Gingerbread Man Headbands

  1. Print the gingerbread headband pack (bottom of the post).
  2. Color and cut them out. 
  3. Attach a strip of construction paper (about 3 inches wide) to each side of the printable and fit it to each child’s head.
  4. Use clear tape to attach it. Glue would also work, but waiting for them to dry is hard. Staples are not recommended because they can scratch the child’s head. 

Gingerbread Man Old Woman Headband


Different Ways to Use the Headbands

Wear the Headbands While Performing a Reader’s Theater Script

Use the headbands to distinguish each character. Each character of the play should make their own headband to wear. This makes it easier for the narrator, the audience, and the characters themselves to know who is who. 

Gingerbread Man Old Man Headband Free Printable


Vote for Your Favorite Character

After reading one or several of The Gingerbread Man stories, have your class vote for their favorite character. Each student picks the headband of their favorite character and makes it to wear.

Then, make a life size bar graph by having the kids stand in columns of characters together. If possible, take a picture from high in the air so your students can see the bar graph they made from above. 


Story Token

Use the headband as a story token. After reading the story, have each child make their own gingerbread man headband. When they wear it home it will remind them to retell the story to their parents. 


Gingerbread Man vs. Gingerbread Girl

Who does your class think is the smartest gingerbread cookie? The Gingerbread Man or The Gingerbread Girl? Use the headbands to wear and take a vote or make a bar graph with the information. 


Gingerbread Man Character Headbands Free Printable


Download the Gingerbread Man Character Headbands


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