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Addition Bingo Math Game (free printable)

Addition Bingo Math Game (free printable)

Play this addition bingo game for a fun way to practice Math facts. This free printable addition bingo game is a great game for young children to play in a small group. It is played like regular bingo, except there isn’t a free space. 

Kids love playing bingo. You can play for prizes, but what I’ve discovered is with young children you don’t have to. They are happy they won. You can also have the winner be the next caller of the the equations. That allows to be able to focus on helping students who need help.

You will need something for students to cover the numbers on their bingo card such as bingo chips, mini erasers, pieces of paper, blocks, or gems. It may also be helpful to have manipulatives for each child to use to solve the equations. Whatever you have been already using is the best choice because they will be comfortable using it and can focus on finding the sums on the game card.

This Fun Bingo Game Includes

  • 6 Printable Bingo Boards (all different cards)
  • 40 Equation Cards


  • Math Bingo Cards (pdf file at bottom of the post)
  • Calling Cards/Call Sheet (addition problems)
  • Game Pieces  (bingo chips, gold coins for St. Patrick’s Day, themed mini erasers for different occasions, blocks, or gems) 

Targeted Skills

  • Mental Math Skills
  • Counting
  • Addition
  • Vocabulary
  • Number Recognition



How to Play

  1. Each game board is different and filled with addition sums.
  2. A student or the teacher picks one of addition facts from the set of cards. 
  3. Say the equation aloud and show the card too. You could also write it on the board.
  4. Players will use manipulatives to find the sum or use mental strategies to solve it. 
  5. Use game pieces to cover each of the answers to the math problems on the bingo board
  6. The first player to fill a row of their card or column of their card wins (5 bingo spaces)! Not only can you cover horizontal and vertical lines to win. You can also cover the addition sums in a diagonal line from corner to corner to win. 


This Math bingo game is going to be a hit in your classroom or at home. What a great way to practice addition! I just love when there is a game that students want to play over and over again. This is one of those games. 


Addition Bingo Game Free Printable


Download your FREE Set of Addition Bingo Cards


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