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Free Multiplication Wheels Worksheets

Free Multiplication Wheels Worksheets

Multiplication wheels are a great way to practice math facts. This type of multiplication wheel can also be used to identify and work with fact families. These worksheets are great for extra practice with 3rd graders, 4th graders, and 5th graders. 

How to use the Math Wheel

  1. Start with the center number.
  2. Multiply that number by the number in the inner ring.
  3. Write the answer in the outer ring.


Students can uses these to practice simple multiplication facts in a small group or for independent math practice in a math center. This is a great time to look for patterns in the multiplication of two digit numbers (10, 11, 12) that can be tricky to memorize. Practice with skip counting happens naturally here too. Teachers can complete their own multiplication wheels for students to use as an answer key as they finish making their own. 


Use the Multiplication Wheel for Division Facts

Show your students how they can refer to the multiplication wheels to solve division facts. Start at the outer ring, divided by the number in the inner ring, equals the middle number. Refer to the wheels and write down different fact families. 



Word Problems with the Multiplication Wheel

Challenge your students to write word problems using the multiplication wheels. This will deepen their understanding and mathematical thinking.

For example, if they are using the wheel with the numeral 3 in the middle they could say “There were 3 friends at the party. Each friend ate 7 pieces of candy. How many pieces of candy were eaten at the party?”

Using the number 12 multiplication wheel, they could write, “There are 12 Christmas gifts for each person of the family. There are 4 family members. How many gifts are under the tree?”

You can even write division word problems. Using the number 8 wheel you would write, “The mailman had 64 pieces of mail to deliver to 8 houses. Each house got the same amount of mail. How many pieces of mail did each house get?”

Using the number 12 wheel, “There were 24 ornaments and 2 trees. If you put the same number on each tree, how many ornaments will each tree have? 

Have each student write a word problem and then trade with a classmate to solve. Or put them together to create a test for the class. 





Download the Multiplication Wheels Worksheets


Free Printable Multiplication Table


Print our free blank multiplication chart for more multiplication practice.

Discover patterns, practice skip counting, and practice multiplying as you fill in the chart. It is interesting to observe the way each child goes about filling in the chart. Will they go row by row, column by column, or certain multiplication facts that they already know. 




Print a FREE black and white multiplication chart for reference, games, coloring fact families and more! There are free smaller charts to print and put on the corner of desks for reference. 



Try this Free Printable Multiplication Bingo Game too! Use 2 dice to play with a small group, in partners, or independently. The first player to get 5 in a row wins the game. For game pieces use mini erasers, bingo chips, or blocks. This game is so much fun!