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Free Alphabet Tracing Worksheets (printable)

Free Alphabet Tracing Worksheets (printable)

Young learners can practice letter formation with these free alphabet tracing worksheets. With these alphabet printables, strengthen fine motor skills as your child or student traces capital letters and lowercase letters. What a great way to practice writing skills.

Print as many pages as you want to practice tracing letters or laminate each page and use dry erase markers to practice writing letters over and over again. Each letter of the alphabet is offered in uppercase letters and lower case letters. They are organized in alphabetical order to find quickly.


Alphabet Tracing Worksheets


Capital Letter Tracing

The best way to practice writing letters is to start with capital letters that only have straight lines first. Then, work on letters that include curves. Last, work on capital letters with diagonal lines.




The OT Toolbox recommends teaching capital letters first for many reasons. These letters are all formed starting at the top and there are less chances for reversals and therefore less confusion.

Looking for extra help or guidance? The Inspired Tree House offers tips to improve handwriting


Lowercase Letters of the Alphabet

Many lowercase letters look the same as their capital letter. I start with these letters first. The OT Toolbox recommends teaching lowercase letters in a slightly different order.



Download the Free Printable Worksheets

Capital Letter Tracing

Lowercase Letter Tracing


More Alphabet Activities



Drawing Through the Alphabet Series

This series of free printables is a fun way to practice writing capital letters and then turning them into a fun drawing that starts with that letter. 



Dog Alphabet Matching

Match uppercase and lowercase letters in this free printable as you find each dog a dog house. 



Bee Alphabet Sorting

Sort the capital letters on the bees to their matching hives. This free printable includes capital letters only. 



Summer Alphabet Matching

Match the capital and lowercase letters to make a picture with a Summer theme. 



Car Alphabet Matching

Car lovers will love matching the capital and lowercase letters to make the different colored cars. 


Animal Tracing Cards

These beautiful illustrations are wonderful for flashcards or room decor. Practice tracing the letters and words that start with that letter. 


Solar System Letter Matching


Alphabet Planets Matching

Match the planets with the capital and lowercase letters. 



Train Alphabet Game

In this simple and fun game, young learners will pick up a card and say the letter (or letter sound). When they pick up the “You Win” card, they win. This is a great game to take on the go. 


ASL Alphabet Printables


Sign Language Alphabet Book for Kids

Learn sign language as you identify each letter with this free printable book. 



Feed the Puppy Alphabet Game

Feed the puppy a bone and name the letter. Or find a certain letter to feed the puppy. 



Alphabet Crafts

Free printable pictures from A to Z along with different ways to use them. 



Check out more free alphabet worksheets from Free Preschool Printables to practice letter sounds, alphabet coloring worksheets, and other educational preschool worksheets.