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Color by Number Valentine Pages (free printable)

Color by Number Valentine Pages (free printable)

These free Valentine’s Day color by number worksheets are so much fun for kids of all ages. It’s a fun activity to include in Math centers in the month of February. Find the mystery picture on the free color by number printables.

Growing up I would always work on color by numbers. Did you know that coloring is a great stress reliever and emotional regulator? That’s why I’m happy to offer these color by number pages free to use in your home or classroom. 

As a teacher, I can’t help but smile when children say, “I already know what this is going to be! A heart!”. They are so proud that they’ve already solved the mystery, but then they eagerly color the page to show they are correct. 


Valentine's Day Color by Number

The different pages include these hidden images:

  • teddy bears
  • valentine heart
  • chocolate bar
  • ring
  • cupid
  • rose
  • envelope



In this valentines color by number activity, younger children will practice early math skills such as color recognition and number recognition in a fun way. It is also a great way to strengthen fine motor skills by coloring in the small section.


Valentine's Day Color by Number

Kindergarten students can also benefit from this Valentines Day Math activity in their February Math center.

Older kids will enjoy this printable valentine color by number as a fun coloring page. Another idea is to have them rip small pieces of different colored construction paper and glue them in each section. That will provide an extra challenge and a cool texture in the final product. 



Children complete the color by number pages in different ways. Some children will pick up their red crayon and color all of the corresponding sections red before moving onto the next color. Other children will start at the top of the number coloring page and switch colors as needed moving down the coloring sheet from top to bottom or left to right.


Download the pdf file and print the Valentine’s Day Color by Number Pages


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