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Valentine Writing Prompts for Kids (free printable)

Valentine Writing Prompts for Kids (free printable)

February 14th is Valentine’s Day, but you can use these Valentine’s Day writing prompts for the whole month of February. Develop writing skills and get creative with these valentine writing prompts. Download the free printables at the bottom of the post that include all of the story starters and journal prompts.

Allow time for the children to share their writing with their classmates.  Not necessarily to evaluate the actual writing, but to share and build relationships with each other. This is worth the time and builds a strong learning community.

Story Starters

Story starters are a creative writing prompt that inspires writers to get their ideas on paper. They are a great way to explore different genres of writing and get creative juices flowing. 

If you are working with younger children it is ok for them to dictate their story to you as you write it for them. That puts the focus on the ideas, details, and the creative story instead of the mechanics of writing. Don’t get me wrong, being creative and getting the ideas on paper as well as using proper sentence structure and spelling are all important! However, there are different times for each of those concepts.

  • I walked outside and saw a path of giant candy hearts. I decided to follow it. On the 5th heart…..
  • An arrow came speeding by me, but missed. It must be cupid’s arrow! I decided to make a plan so that cupid couldn’t hit me with his arrows….
  • Get a box of conversation hearts. Pick three conversation hearts from the box. Use the sets of words that you picked in a story. 
  • It’s Groundhog Day! Time to go up and out of my hole. When I peaked my head out, I saw a huge crowd of people. 
  • A letter was on my desk with a big heart and it was signed “Your Secret Admirer”. I decided to set a trap to find out who my secrete admirer is. 


Journal Prompts

Journal prompts give a fun writing prompt for the day. Sometimes the February writing prompts are to make a list and other times they require reflection and sharing of ideas. Usually, you do not take journal prompts through the writing process. They are more to get the writer’s creative writing ideas onto paper. 

  • Make a list of 10 classic valentine treats. Circle your favorite. 
  • What do you love about each of your family members that live in your house? 
  • Write a list of ways that people make you feel loved.  
  • What makes a good friend? Describe three characteristics that are important for best friends to have. 
  • Make a list of as many things as you can that are red. 
  • What is one thing you would change if you were the President?
  • If you could pick any super power, what would you pick? Why?
  • What dinner recipe could you make that you could mix Valentine’s Day candy with? 
  • Describe a rule that you think is a good rule to have. Now, describe a rule that you don’t agree with. How would you change it?
  • What do you think it means to have big emotions? Invent an emoji and draw it. 
  • Write a poem that starts with “Roses are red. Violets are blue.”
  • What does a Valentines Day party need to include for you to have a great time?


Creative Writing with Small Groups

There is no better way to bring laughter to a classroom than to try a writing game with a small group. With a group of people, start a valentine story. Each person writes one or two sentences at a time and then passes it to the next person. Use one of the story starters from above or have the group make up their own beginning. 


Valentine Writing Prompts for Kids


Download the Valentine Writing Prompts


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