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St. Patrick’s Day Writing Prompts (free printable)

St. Patrick’s Day Writing Prompts (free printable)

Ready for St. Patrick’s Day writing prompts? Along with our other fun St. Patrick’s Day activities, we’ve been working on these creative writing prompts. These fun writing prompts are a great way to get creative in the month of March. This is a fun activity to include in a writing center this St Patricks Day.

St. Patrick's Day Writing Prompts

With one passionate little writer at home and one who rather eat peas than write, I’m always trying to come up with creative ways to encourage writing. Usually holiday story starters will do the trick!

St. Patrick's Day Writing Prompts for Kids

St. Patrick's Day Writing Prompts

Free St. Patrick’s Day Story Starters

  • It was the morning of St. Patrick’s Day and I heard….
  • I couldn’t believe my eyes. There were green footprints all over the floor.
  • Snap! I think that was my leprechaun trap.
  • After I found a four-leaf clover, strange things started to happen.
  • “He, he, he. You can’t catch me!” he chanted. “Not with my magical powers!”
  • A beautiful rainbow stretched across the sky. Is there really pots of gold at the end of a rainbow? I thought.
  • That sneaky leprechaun hid his magical items. What did he hide and and where did he hide it?
  • “How do we get to the end of the rainbow?” I asked my sister.
  • I couldn’t believe my eyes….A trail of glitter leading into the woods!
  • I looked under the rock and there was a shiny gold coin, but not just any gold coin.
  • In a field of clovers, there was only one with four leaves. 


St. Patrick's Day Journal Prompts

St. Patrick’s Day Journal Writing Prompts

These journal prompts work well for a daily question or reflection for kids. It gets them thinking and allows them the opportunity to put their thoughts and ideas onto paper.

Allowing the chance to share their answers is important! Not necessarily to evaluate the actual writing, but to share and build relationships with each other. This is worth the time and builds a strong learning community.

  • What would you do with your pot of gold?
  • If you had to pick a color to wear every day, what would you choose and why?
  • What would make you the luckiest person?
  • Write a list of St. Patrick’s Day words. How many can you list?
  • What does it mean to be lucky?
  • How do you think a four leaf clover became a symbol of luck?
  • If you found a four leaf clover, would you keep it or sell it? Why?
  • Have you ever seen a rainbow? If so, where were you? If not, where do you think they form?


Set Up and Display the Writing Prompts

I printed and displayed these story starters in a fun way. After typing out the March writing prompts, I cut them out and pasted them onto green construction paper. Next, I displayed them in a festive bag on our bulletin board.


St. Patrick's Day Writing Prompts

Writing in a Small Group

Try a group writing game! You will have such a fun time with this group St. Patrick’s Day writing activity. With a group of people, start a St. Patrick’s Day story. You can use one of the creative writing prompts to get you started.

Each person writes one or two sentences at a time and then passes it to the next person. Set a timer or pass it around the group a certain number of times. Finally, read your story together. This is sure to create a lot of laughter among the group! 

How to Use Writing Prompts with Beginning Writers

These prompts spark creative writing. If you are working with younger children it is ok for them to dictate their story to you as you write it for them. That puts the focus on the ideas, details, and the creative story instead of the mechanics of writing. Don’t get me wrong, being creative and getting the ideas on paper and using proper sentence structure and spelling are BOTH important!


St. Patrick's Day Writing Prompts

Print the St. Patrick’s Day Writing Prompts

Enjoy writing and reading with your little ones this St. Patrick’s Day!


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St. Patrick’s Day Story Starters – Lesson Plans

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[…] Simple print out these story starters, cut them out, and mount them on green paper: St. Patrick’s Day Story Starters […]