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American Sign Language Numbers (free printable)

American Sign Language Numbers (free printable)

We have learned the asl alphabet with our free American sign language alphabet book. Next, we were curious about the ASL signs for numbers. I thought the numbers one through ten would be the basic signs that we already use to show an amount with our fingers, but surprisingly the American Sign Language Numbers are not!


sign language numbers worksheets


Many people learn the basics of sign language while teaching their baby sign language to help communicate wants and needs. Using baby signs with your little ones is a great way to get started with learning sign language. 

For preschool and kindergarten age children, finger isolation and finger dexterity are essential for fine motor skill tasks such as holding a pencil or using scissors. Using your fingers and hands to sign the numbers will strengthen those muscles. Use this printable set of sign language worksheets to help guide you get started in learning sign language numbers. 

Communicating without speaking is a really interesting concept for young children although kids of all ages are curious about basic sign language. Here are a few interesting sign language facts that I bet you didn’t know. 

Sign Language Numbers Worksheets

Interesting Sign Language Facts

Source: Weston College

Different countries have their own versions of sign language. 

Sign language isn’t just about the hands. It also takes into account the facial expressions and gestures that are made. 

Most deaf people have name signs so you don’t actually have to spell out each letter of their name every time. 

Sign language is pretty easy to learn. That is why it is such a popular form of communication around the world. 



Ways to Use these Free Printable Worksheets

Use them as a worksheet like they were intended to practice the sign, trace the number, and trace the number word. 

Cut them apart to make a number chart to display on the wall to refer to. 

Use them like flash cards by cutting the pictures of the hands from the rest of the page. 

Play Bingo by calling the numbers in sign language. This is our new favorite way to play Bingo!

Sing a counting song and use sign language when singing the numbers. Here are 15 Counting Songs from Childhood 101 to get you started. Early learners will love these songs, but older children will also have fun learning the signs that go with the songs. 


Download and Print the Free Sign Language Numbers Worksheets


More ASL Free Resources for Kids


ASL Alphabet Printables


Use our sign language letters to make a book, practice finger spelling people’s names, or memorize sign language letters. 

A Day in Our Shoes offers free printable ASL Flash Cards that you can add to your collection. Use these free printable cards to make a book or as a way to learn one or two new words a week. 

DLTK offers an ASL coloring page for a word that goes with each letter of the alphabet. 

Life Print has American Sign Language University that offers free sign language classes.

Hand Speak offers a free children’s ASL dictionary and finger spelling lessons. 


We hope you can use these free resources and our ideas to make learning fun for kids of all ages.