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Bird Memory Matching Game (free printable)

Bird Memory Matching Game (free printable)

This printable bird memory matching game is a fun way for kids to practice their memory skills and learn about different types of birds. Bird enthusiasts of all ages will enjoy playing this great game together. It is so much fun!

Learn about new birds and compare different birds. This is a great way for kids of all ages to grow their interest in birds as they play the bird game.

Younger Children

For younger children, play the memory matching game with fewer cards. Or use the bird cards to match and talk about different backyard birds. This is a great way to introduce new vocabulary words. You can also use these free printables to practice initial sounds and other phonics concepts such as syllables.

Older Children

For older children, they can use the memory cards to play this fun game in the traditional way. They can also use the picture cards to research and write a fact card for each bird.



Birds Included

  • hawk
  • killdeer
  • morning dove
  • purple martins
  • blue jays
  • warblers
  • sparrow
  • wren
  • blue bird
  • chickadee
  • goldfinch
  • woodpecker
  • robin
  • oriole
  • cardinal
  • ruby-throated hummingbird


How to Play

  1. Print two copies of the printable matching game. Print them onto card stock for durability and laminate if possible. Cut the cards apart.
  2. Mix up the cards and lay them face down in rows.
  3. The first player picks two cards and turns them over. If it is a matching card, that player keeps the pair and gets to go again. If they do not match, that player turns those two cards back over in the same spot and the turn is over.
  4. The next player takes a turn flipping over two cards. If it is a match, that player keeps it and selects two more cards. If it is not a match, that player turns the cards back over and the turn is over.
  5. At the end of the game when all of the matches have been discovered, the player to collect the most bird pairs is the winner.


Bird Facts for Kids

  • Birds have been around for millions of years.
  • They like to eat insects, seeds, plants.
  • There are about 10,000 species (kinds) of birds.
  • The male birds are so colorful and the female birds tend to be brown. That is so the colorful male can attract the female and the female bird can blend in when they are taking care of their babies in the nest.
  • Smallest bird is the hummingbird and the largest bird is the Ostrich.
  • Birds have hollow bones that help them to fly.
  • Blue Birds sing different songs to communicate with each other.
  • Most birds are smart. Some birds have developed tools to help them root for insects or find food.
  • Read these hummingbird facts for kids



Download the Birds Memory Game Cards


Bird Activities for Kids


You might also like this Bird Bingo Game from Free Homeschool Deals. The birds look realistic and there are a variety of species on the bingo boards. 

Make a Mason Jar Bird Feeder Craft to watch birds in your own yard! This is a great way to reuse your old mason jar lids. Plus they look beautiful hanging from the trees, especially in the Winter. 

For younger children, this Bird Sorting Activity with paper bag nests is a fun way to start noticing different characteristics of birds. Even the paper bag nests alone turned into hours of pretend play for my kids. Pair the paper bag nests with foam eggs, feathers, or pom poms for a play invitation. 



Make and fly a bird kite from Growing Healthy Kids. This is so fun on a windy Spring day! These kites are simple to make and fun to experiment with. I love not spending money on a kite because ours always get tangled or broken. 

Experiment with why birds fly in a V. The directions for this experiment are found at How Wee Learn. Have you ever wondered this yourself? This experiment will help your child understand the concept and be able to apply it to new situations too. 

For younger children, try this free printable bird nest counting activity. This simple printable is great for extra counting practice for older toddlers and preschoolers. 



Make a Cheerio bird feeder like they did at Happy Hooligans. We always have cheerios on hand. You can use pipe cleaners, yarn, or string to lace them. Hang them from a tree and wait for the birds to notice. Or will a different animal notice first? 

Create a yarn wrapped cardinal from I Heart Crafty Things. I love yarn wrapped crafts because wrapping that yarn is so beneficial for fine motor skills. Plus they look so cool. Use this technique to make any other bird your child is interested in. 

Learn about how birds have different beaks and use tools to compare how they work. This experiment is from Kids Growing Strong. Kids really understand the differences in beaks and how birds use them after using different tools that are similar to the beaks. Such a cool experiment. 


We hope you have so much fun playing Bird Memory and are inspired by the many bird activities and crafts that are featured here. We know introducing your children to birds sparks so many questions and wonderings in your child that you will both love to research and learn together.