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Free Easter Printable Board Game

Free Easter Printable Board Game

Our family LOVES playing games together! This simple printable Easter board game is perfect to play with young children and the whole family. All you need is the game board (free below) and a small object to use as game pieces such as blocks, erasers, or small toys. Your family will have so much fun playing this fun game this Easter season!

This is a great game for younger kids because they are learning so many skills. It is a great way to experience taking turns, deciding who will go first, and handling the feelings of winning and losing. These are all valuable skills that come with playing board games with your children. 


Easter Board Game


This Easter board game is played similar to Candy Land, so no counting or number identification is needed. This style of game is a perfect way to practice visual discrimination. They will notice and talk about the different colors and patterns on the eggs which also strengthens vocabulary development. 

Also, this game is a short game which is perfect for little kids. They will want to play this game over and over again.

Number of Players: 2-4

Easter Board Game


How to Play

  1. Print the game (below) onto card stock. 
  2. Cut, fold, and tape together the die. 
  3. Use trinkets such as erasers, toys, blocks, etc. as game pieces. 
  4. The first player rolls the die and advances to the next space that matches the Easter egg rolled.
  5. Continue taking turns rolling and moving until one player reaches the end of the path. 
  6. The first person to make it to the end of the path wins.


After you have played this game a few times with your child or small group of students, they can play it themselves if they are interested. How fast can you get to the end of the path? How many rolls did take you?


Easter Board Game


Download and Print Your Easter Board Game HERE


Other Great Board Games for Young Children

These games are wonderful for young kids that are showing an interest in playing a game together. (Amazon affiliate links)



Preschool Easter Activities

You will also love these Fun Easter Activities for Preschoolers! It is a collection of activities we have tried with our little ones and loved. These activities include an Easter Egg countdown, color sorting, counting, and puzzles. It also includes a listening game you can make for your child, crafts, and more! These activities are great for older toddlers and preschoolers. 


Free Printable Easter Games

Ready for more free Easter printables? Give these fun games a try. These games are sure to be a hit with your young learners!



Free Easter Bingo from One Creative Mommy is a fun Easter activity for a small group or party. Easter bingo cards and calling card are included in this free printable Easter bingo game. This could be one of your fun Easter party games for all of the kids!




Try an Easter roll and cover dice game from Free Preschool Printables. Use these printable games as a fun way to practice counting skills and one to one correspondence. Print the game cards and use things you have on hand such as erasers, blocks, cereal, or buttons to cover the pictures as you roll. It’s a fun Spring game you can play all month long.

Also included in these free printable games is an easter egg dice game. In this dice game, your child will roll a die and cover the numeral he rolls. If you roll a number that is already covered, roll again. Continue to roll until you have covered all of the numerals on the Easter egg. 

Enjoy a ton of Easter coloring pages from Homemade Gifts Made Easy. This easter basket coloring page is adorable and the free coloring pages also include Easter eggs with awesome designs to color. 

Older kids and siblings will enjoy the challenge of an Easter word scramble from Pjs and Paint.

So which one of these fun Easter games or activities will you try first? Whether you are using them at a play date, party, or a rainy day your children will have fun playing and learning!