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Mother’s Day Foldable Pop Up Cards

Mother’s Day Foldable Pop Up Cards

I love making my own cards and handmade cards from my kids make me smile. These foldable pop up cards were designed to save you time this Mother’s Day. There are seven card designs to choose from that can all be made by printing on a piece of card stock or white paper. These free greeting cards are a great way to send a meaningful message to your Mom or someone you love on Mother’s Day.

I would recommend this project for older kids, ages 6+. The scissor skills and the folding needed can be a little advanced for younger kids. If you want to offer this card to younger kids to create, have the cutting and folding already done so they can make it unique by decorating it.



  • pair of scissors
  • 7 free templates on printed paper
  • crayons, markers, or colored pencils



  1. The first thing to do is to look through the card templates and pick your favorite one. When you are printing it, make sure to click on SCALE and 100% so the card can be as large as possible.
  2. The next step is to cut along the outside of the card by making a few simple cuts on the red dashed line. Sometimes if it has very intricate details on the sides of the card, I just cut a simple shape around it to make it easier.
  3. Next, you will see vertical fold lines on the inside of the card. I like to fold back the paper on those lines so I can see the parallel fold that I am making. Once you fold it back and crease the paper. Then, fold it forward, in the opposite direction, to cover the inside of the card where you write the message.
  4. The next fold of the card to work on is the design that pops up on the front in the center of the card. Fold each side backwards. This folded edge makes the pop ups.
  5. Decorate the card using basic techniques with colored pencils, crayons, or markers.
  6. Include a written message on the inside to make it meaningful.
  7. This printable foldable pop up card is a great twist on any pop up card you would buy or make.



Download and Print the Mother’s Day Foldable Pop Up Cards


There are of course different ways to make pop up cards. Try this different technique from Red Ted Art. This easy craft will be a hit when your kids make it for their friends or family members.


Pair your Mother’s Day card with handprint lilies.  Directions for how to make them are at Enchanted Learning