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Easy Pirate Ship Craft for Kids

Easy Pirate Ship Craft for Kids

Your little pirates will love this fun and simple pirate ship craft. Younger kids will love it a party with a pirate theme. It is a fun way to introduce the letter P. Or a Pirate Day would be so much fun! Kids of all ages will love this easy pirate ship craft. 


  • Toilet Paper Tube or 1/2 Paper Towel Tube
  • Construction Paper
  • scissors
  • glue
  • skewers or sticks (2)





Use scissors and the Pirate Ship Template to cut out the anchor, circle windows, sails and pirate flag skull and crossbones. Younger kids may not want a skull on the pirate flag. You can draw your own design for the flag on black construction paper with a white crayon.  


Find a toilet paper tube to use as the ship’s base or cut a paper towel tube in half to use. If you want your ship to have brighter colors, use acrylic paints to add the color. 



Use glue to attach the windows to the ship’s sides. If you don’t want to print the template, you can draw the circles onto the ship. 


Attach the ship’s sails with a glue gun or tape. We attached ours to a food skewer (found at the dollar store). You could also use a popsicle stick or a thin stick from your yard. 



Punch holes in the tube with the sticks. Use glue or tape to secure them inside the tube if needed. Or leave it loose so you can take the flags down or change the flags. 



Glue the anchor onto the ship. Your fabulous pirate ship is ready to set sail in the high seas! I love this simple craft. It is a great way to encourage pretend play. Add animals or lego characters to the fun. 


Pirate Activities

Give these educational activities a try! Strengthen literacy skills and math skills with fun pirate themed activities. 

Pirate Literacy Activities

Make a Treasure Map from Simple Living.

Go on an alphabet treasure hunt from The Many Little Joys.

Pirate Rhyming Activity from A Dab of Glue Will Do. There’s no reading involved in this activity. It only includes pictures which is perfect for kids that need practice rhyming. 


Pirate Math Activities

Pirate Treasure Counting Mats from Fun Learning for Kids are great for counting practice and number recognition. 

Super fun Pirate Dice Games from Fairy Poppins. Roll the dice, count, and cover the number. 

Walk the Plank Rounding Game from Royal Baloo.

Pirate Number Puzzles from Modern Preschool. These include teen numbers which are great for Kindergarten aged children to work with. 


More Fun Pirate Crafts

Ready for more pirate crafts? Check out these cool ideas!

Make your own treasure chest out of a cardboard box. Add treasures like gold coins (dollar store), blocks, characters, or gems. 

Wooden Spoon Pirates from I Heart Crafty Things.  

Simple Everyday Mom has a printable pirate hat to color and wear. So fun!

Every Pirate needs a bird! Make the one from Pop Goes the Page that is made out of a toilet paper tube. It stays on your child’s arm by using a bracelet. Just like a real pirate! 



So much pirate fun! Make learning fun with these pirate crafts and activities.