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DIY Bead Crafts for Kids

DIY Bead Crafts for Kids

Are you looking for craft ideas or a fun project? These bead crafts for kids are a fun way to get creative! Kids of all ages will have so much fun with these craft projects!

Perler Bead Crafts

Perler Beads are plastic beads that can be fused together by using an iron. You place a piece of parchment paper over the top before you apply the heat. 



Frugal Fun for Boys and Girls shares ideas and templates for making perler bead necklaces. Use colorful beads to make gifts for friends or family members. This would be a great craft idea for a slumber party or a Summer camp. 

Make perler bead bracelets like they did at Red Ted Art! This fun craft would be fun to do at a birthday party and then to take home as a party favor. You can use colors that match your party theme. 

Design and play with a perler bead maze like they did at Babble Dabble Do. This fun bead craft uses fine motor skills and math skills to create and play. So fun!

How about a perler bead bookmark? At Craft Create Cook they share how to make these cool bookmarks. I like that they can really be any design you want which allows kids to really get creative and make something based on their interests. 


Friendship Bracelets

Friendship bracelets are just so much fun. Whether you are making them to gift to a friend or making them as you spend time together, here are some awesome ideas to get you started. 



I love these Wish Bracelets from Happy Hour Projects! As a matter of fact, I buy one of those for the kids on every beach vacation I go on. Now we can make our own. I had no idea what an easy craft it is. I think glass beads would be beautiful in these bracelets too. 

Make a friendship bracelet with a special message like they did at Muffin Chanel. Use alphabet beads to spell a name of a friend, a team name, or the message BFF. String them onto yarn, string, or fishing line. Little kids like to do this craft too and pipe cleaners are an easy solution. Threading them onto pipe cleaners is an easy way for little hands and they are easy to adjust to the right size. 

This beaded bracelet can be used as a fidget bracelet too. Lines Across shows you step by step how to make this cool bracelet using cord and beads. Wood beads can even be used in this craft. 

It doesn’t matter if you are making a bracelet with wooden beads or plastic pony beads, this tutorial about how to make a sliding knot from The Craftoholic Witch is super helpful. It makes every bracelet look professional. 


Melted Pony Bead Crafts

Did you know you can melt pony beads and make them into something new? This is a great way to use your large collection of beads. They are great for Summer crafts because it is best to do them outside with a toaster oven to avoid fumes. 



Make colorful pony bead sun catchers with metal cookie cutters and pony beads like they did at Sunshine Whispers. Use a toaster oven outside (this is the most ideal way to do it because melting plastic creates a strong odor inside) or in your oven with the windows open. These are so fun to make and they come out great each and every time. Make different shapes for each holiday season. This craft is even great for little kids to work on. 

An Inspired Mess made bracelets from melted pony beads. That is so cool! She takes you step by step through how to do it. 

The 36th Avenue made the most adorable melted pony bead accessories! My favorite are the hair clips and the paperclip bookmark. Each of those uses the same technique. 

Turn pony beads into a wind chime by melting them like they did at No time for Flashcards. This can be done for any season or holiday by changing the shape of the wind chimes. 


Use the melted pony bead technique to make fairy wands like they did at Artful Parent. These would be so fun to make for party favors. 


Pony Bead Key Chain Crafts

Pony Bead key chains are really fun to make and aren’t just for drivers. Kids love to attach them to their backpacks, pencil pouches, water bottles, and lunch boxes too. Make personalized key chains for gifts, valentines, or for yourself. 


Kara Creates made these personalized key chains that I think are such a fun craft for rainy days. 

Ten Gems DIY teaches you how to make these really cool rainbow pony bead keychains. Of course you can use any color scheme that you want. 

Watch this video from Kendle Crafting Journey to see how to make this heart pony bead keychain. 

Arrows Kids Club made a pony bead fish keychain in just a few simple steps. Attach this little fish to your swim bag or pool bag. 


Special Pony Bead Bracelets

Do you have plenty of beads in your collection and you are not sure what to make with them next? Get inspired with these special pony bead bracelet designs. 



Juggling Act Mama shows you how to make a phone number bracelet. I love this idea for field trips. It’s also a fun way to give your phone number to a friend. Use this same idea to make a bible verse bracelet at Sunday School. 

We love these Princess Bracelets! Your little princess will love to make a bracelet inspired by her favorite princess!

Make superhero bracelets! These are inspired by our favorite superheroes and villains. Green beads reminded us of The Hulk. Use blue beads for Iron Man, Wolverine, or Captain America. As you can see, we used all sorts of string to make these bracelets. We used a green pipe cleaner, ribbon, and even a shoe lace. 

Are you ready for a pony bead bracelet challenge? What this video from United Art and Ed to learn how to make this intricate pony bead bracelet. 


Holiday Bead Crafts 

No matter which holiday is your favorite or which one is coming up next, you will love our holiday bead crafts. 



Rock-a-Bye Parents makes cool Christmas Tree Bead Pins. I wonder what other designs you can make using this technique. 

Pony Bead Pumpkins from One Little Project are a fun Fall decoration for a table or fire place mantel. 

There’s Just One Mommy makes several beaded Christmas ornaments that are perfect for any tree!

What about a pony bead flag? This one from Reading Confetti can be made to celebrate the Fourth of July. 


Animal Bead Crafts 



Pony bead lizard crafts from Sugar Bee Crafts. Her tutorial makes it easy to follow and make your own lizard of any color. 

One Little Project shows you how to make a beaded dragonfly craft. 

Adventures in Road Schooling made pony bead snakes that I think are so fun for kids of all ages!

Make a beaded butterfly using pony beads and pipe cleaners like they did at Where Imagination Grows

Twiniversary shows you how to make these adorable bead babies. I like how these animal bead crafts use glue instead of string. 

Crafty Blog Stalker features 20 Bugs made from Beads. These are awesome for any bug lover or a Summer camp.