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Printable Animal Crowns for Kids (free)

Printable Animal Crowns for Kids (free)

Does your little one love animals? I don’t know any young kids that aren’t animal lovers. Do you have a letter of the week curriculum? Do you need crowns for an animal themed birthday party? These printable animal crowns are for you! There is an animal crown for every letter of the alphabet. 



These paper crowns are the perfect way to practice the alphabet or to learn about different animals. Use them as a fun accessory for pretend play at home or in your classroom. It is a great idea to use the DIY crowns for classroom activities such as a class play or readers theater. 



There are so many ways to use these free printables. They are great for birthday crowns at a party. Does your school have a mascot? You can use these as school crowns too. They are even a great way to make you own zoo themed paper headband.


Printable Templates Included

  • alligator
  • bear crown
  • cat
  • dog
  • elephant
  • fox
  • giraffe
  • horse
  • iguana
  • jellyfish
  • printable koala paper hat
  • lion crown
  • monkey
  • narwal
  • owl
  • panda crown
  • quail
  • rabbit
  • snake
  • tiger
  • urial
  • vampire bat
  • whale
  • ox
  • yat
  • zebra
  • pdf file




Here are the simple steps for making a simple crown. 

  1. Download the pdf file (below). 
  2. Print the crown templates onto card stock. I like to use white paper so the children can color their own crown. You can also print them onto colored paper for different uses and themes. 
  3. Cut out the crown.
  4. There is a strip below the crown with the animal’s name on it. You can attach this to the crown to go around the head. Or cut a strip of construction paper or use a sentence strip. 
  5. Attach the strip to the sides of the crown using glue or tape. 
  6. I prefer to attach one side and then fit it to the child’s head and cut it to size. Then, attach the other side. 



Other Variations

Do you want to make your own version of a crown? Print one page of the printable pdf and use it as a pattern to trace the crown shape onto other paper. Then, attach a strip and fit it to your child’s head. 



Download the Animal Crown Printable Pages Printable Animal Crowns


More Fun Crown Crafts


Learn how to make nature crowns from Mother Natured. I love these because finding the perfect pieces for your crown on a nature walk is a special part of the process. 

Mini Mad Things has more beautiful nature crown ideas including a paperbark crown.

You can find a cute printable cheetah crown from Artsy Craftsy Mom. Kids love cheetahs and how fast they run! 






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Very good. for Interactive activities, role play, party etc