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37 Fun Emoji Crafts for Kids

37 Fun Emoji Crafts for Kids

Does your child love emojis? Let them have fun with these fun emoji crafts and activities for kids of all ages! From DIY emoji crafts and activities to easy emoji crafts and games, there’s something here for every kid.

Emoji Crafts



Emoji Bookmarks

This emoji DIY craft combines paper & simple origami. Once kids are done folding the bookmark into a circle, they can decorate it with colors and drawings to look like their favorite emojis. The tutorial for this easy emoji bookmark can be found at Red Ted Art

DIY Emoji Masks

All you need for this simple emoji craft from Alice and Lois is a yellow poster board, different colored construction paper, popsicle sticks, scissors, and glue. Kids will delight in getting to “try on” the different emoji faces when they are finished! 

Emoji Flower Pots 

Kids will enjoy expressing their artistic side as they paint clay flower pots to look like the different emojis. This idea from All For the Boys would be a great sleep over craft or party favor that you make and take home from a birthday party. 

Paper Plate Emojis

This super simple emoji paper plate craft from Natural Beach Living is a fun way to create and requires easy material such as paper plates, construction paper, and glue. Perfect for an emoji party or just for fun!



Emoji Mini Notebooks

This craft from Red Ted Art requires kids to practice their cutting and folding skills in a fun way as they create their own emoji mini notebooks. The best part is that there is no glue necessary! These would make adorable valentines for classmates or beginning of the year gifts. 

Emoji Pencil Holders

Tin cans are fun to craft with and can be turned easily into organizers! This fun craft from Pysselbolaget turns tin cans into emoji pencil holders. Perfect for a bedroom or craft area!

Duct Tape Emoji Bookmarks

This is both a super easy project for kids to make and is a great way to encourage them to read more as they create these duct tape emoji bookmarks. Follow the tutorial at Steamsational to create one today. 

Emoji Door Hangers

These adorable his and hers emoji door hangers from Hello Creative Family fit perfectly in any kids bedroom! Let them pick which fun emoji faces they put on their hanger.



DIY Emoji Coasters

The adorable emoji coasters your kids will create in this fun craft from Lovely Indeed use cork circles and are perfect for any occasion. These are a great gift idea for a younger sibling to make for an older sibling. 

Emoji Clothing Patches

All that kids will need for this DIY from Aww Sam is an old long-sleeved shirt, which the patches will be ironed on to by an adult. Kids will love surprising their friends with their new elbow patches!

DIY Emoji Pins

Kids will adore creating (and wearing) these unique pins that can be made into any emoji. What a fun idea from Persia Lou!

Emoji Mason Jars

These cute glass emoji mason jars from Our Messy Table can be decorated to look like your child’s favorite emojis and are useful for storage. I love that they are reusing small baby food jars, but you could use yogurt jars or mason jars of any size. 



Emoji Cup

Kids will love decorating their own special emoji mug to use whenever they want. These would be great for an emoji party or to put candy in as a party favor. Love this idea from Cut Out and Keep

Emoji Paper Clips

These emoji paperclips from Cutefetti are adorable & easy to make! All you’ll need is play dough, a paperclip & a few other simple things.

DIY Emoji Hair Clips

Young girls will adore these sparkly DIY emoji hair clips that they create in this fun craft from The Makeup Dummy. They are the perfect accessory for any outfit!

Emoji Beaded Necklace

Jewelry is always a fun craft for kids to make, and if it’s emoji jewelry, even better. Kids will love wearing their unique creations that they made themselves. This inspiration is from Aww Sam


Emoji Activities



Emoji Bath Bombs

A mixture of science and DIY, these bath bombs from Kids Craft Room are super easy to make and are sure to make bath time more enjoyable for kids. They require ingredients that you can mostly find in your kitchen, and they also smell amazing! 

Emoji Pumpkins

Get in the festive spirit of Fall with these cute and creative painted emoji pumpkins from My Incredible Recipes. They’re sure to be a big hit!

Emoji Perler Bead Keychains

Perler beads are a great way for kids to practice their fine motor skills. These emoji perler bead keychains from Frugal Fun for Boys and Girls are so fun to make! If you are looking for more bead crafts for kids, check out our huge collection!

DIY Emoji Ornaments

These DIY emoji ornaments from Studio DIY are fun to make, get kids in the holiday spirit. They can even be used as gifts for friends! 



Bottle Cap Emoji Magnets

This activity is a great way to use bottle caps you may have been collecting and is super simple for kids to create. The magnets are from Mixed Kreations. They’ll love seeing the finished result on the fridge!

Emoji Patterned Easter Eggs

Get your kids into the spirit of spring with this emoji Easter egg decorating activity from Aww Sam. Kids will use printed emojis and stick them onto the eggs. Voila!

DIY Emoji Pendant

Best friends will love making these DIY emoji necklaces from Brit + Co. They are split in half so that each friend can have a part to keep!

Mini Emoji Pinata

Perfect for your next party or celebration, these simple mini emoji pinatas from I Spy DIY are so adorable and festive.



Emoji Slime

A mix of science and hands-on experience, kids will love making this fun emoji slime from 30 Days!

Emoji Gift Wrap

Kids will enjoy wrapping up gifts for family, friends, and anyone else in this colorful, playful DIY emoji gift wrap from Studio DIY.

Smiley Face Manicure

Girls of all ages will love decorating their nails like the iconic smiley face emoji. It’s sure to bring a smile to their faces! Find out how from Studio DIY.

Make Emoji Cookies

These sweet treats are simple, fun to decorate, and sure to make anyone’s day. What a great idea from Easy Peasy and Fun!



Salt Dough Emoji Beads

These beads from Red Ted Art can be easily made with a simple salt dough recipe. They can be made in any color! 

Emoji Oreo Pops

For those who love to bake, these emoji oreo cookie pops from Oh Nuts Blog are fun and tasty. 

Emoji Stress Balls

Both a stress reliever and a science experiment, these emoji stress balls from My Home Based Life can be made at home with a few ingredients. 

Emoji Pom Poms

These pom poms, which can be used as ornaments or simply decoration from Momtastic are surprisingly simple and quick to make.



Emoji Bingo Game

Everyone loves a good game of Bingo! This emoji themed version from Catch My Party makes it even more enjoyable for all and is perfect for birthday parties.

Emoji Play Dough

Play dough is a hit with all ages and it is so easy to make at home. In this emoji version from The Curious Kindergarten, kids can add things such as googly eyes or pipe cleaner smiles to make the emojis.

Emoji Spinner Toy

Made easily with yellow paper, this emoji spinner toy from Red Ted Art will bring hours of entertainment to kids!

Emoji Purse

All your child needs for this activity is an old purse or bag and some other simple materials. They will transform their bag into an awesome emoji purse from Aww Sam!


Emoji Twister Party Game

Emoji Twister Party Game

Kids will have a blast playing this unique version of Emoji Twister. It is easy to make with a shower curtain liner and the FREE printable!


So which one of these emoji crafts are you going to try first? There are so many great ideas that you can use for parties, gifts, or to do on a rainy day.


Linda @ MixedKreations

Friday 23rd of September 2022

Wow lots of fun emoji craft ideas for the kids! Thanks so much for including my bottle cap emoji magnets.