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Picture Rhyming Cards (free printable)

Picture Rhyming Cards (free printable)

In the early years, nursery rhymes are an important way to explore rhyming words and phonemic awareness. Songs and chants are a fun way to play with different words and how they sound. Pointing out rhyming words in books as you read and playing  rhyming games with real and silly words are other ways to have fun rhyming. 

When young learners are are working on the ending sounds of words and listening for if they rhyme or not, they need lots of practice. These rhyming picture cards are are the perfect way to make learning fun.



These rhyming word cards can be used in literacy centers, in a small group, or in a busy bag. In a literacy center, kindergarten students can find and match the rhyming pair in a pocket chart. Add magnets to the rhyming cards and match the pairs of cards on a vertical surface such as an easel or refrigerator. Working on a vertical surface is a great way to build strength the shoulder and arm muscles of young children. Cut apart the pieces and put them in a zippered pouch to use as a busy bag.

Rhyming Pairs

These are the rhyming pairs that are included in the free printable rhyming picture cards. 

  • beef – leaf
  • rake – cake
  • corn – horn
  • pie – tie
  • tree – three
  • owl – towel
  • crow – toe
  • hay – tray
  • fall – wall



Download and Print the Picture Rhyming Cards

  1. Print the pages. 
  2. Cut out the cards, 
  3. Cut along the jagged line to cut apart the puzzles. 
  4. Laminate for durability. 




Ready for more rhyming games and activities? You will love this printable rhyming train. Start with the engine of the train and add the cars that rhyme with the picture on it. This is a fun activity for your little train lovers. 



Here are 15 more rhyming activities from different sites. From rhyming basket and using Legos to rhyming riddles and a drawing game, there’s something that every kid will love. 


JDaniel4's Mom

Thursday 12th of August 2010

We just started with rhyming yesterday. These will be great!