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Pool Noodle Activities for Kids

Pool Noodle Activities for Kids

Stock up on extra pool noodles now from your local dollar store and get inspired by all of these pool noodle ideas. From learning activities and games to Science experiments and crafts, there will be something you just HAVE to try! From DIY costumes to parent hacks, these Pool Noodle Activities are for you! Here are a few of our favorite fun pool noodle activities and ideas that are EASY to make or create.

Pool Noodle Learning Activities


I love the way that they sliced the pool noodles and used them as quiet blocks at Teach Me Mommy. Use a knife to cut them into slices. You can stack them, sort them, count them, or even make patterns with them. What an inexpensive way to make blocks!


Teach Preschool featured these foam chains made from pool noodle pieces. What a great activity to strengthen fine motor skills that I bet will inspire creativity with little ones! The slits in the pool noodle pieces allow them to be manipulated and put onto lots of objects.


Make a pool noodle alphabet basket like they did at The Educator’s Spin On It. There are so many ways to use these letters to make learning fun. 


Happy Hooligans shows us how to make a DIY pool noodle abacus. This is great for counting, comparing, addition, and subtraction. 


We Are Teachers uses pool noodles to make fractions. What a cool idea and a great way for older kids to see fractions represented. 

Fine Motor Skills

Strengthen fine motor skills with pool noodles and rubber bands like they did at And Next Comes L


A Neighborhood Kindergarten made word rods with pool noodles. What a fun way to practice blending sounds. 

Math Rings

Make giant math rings with hula hoops and pool noodle pieces like she did at Teaching with Heart. These are fantastic for fact families. 

Color Matching

Learning 4 Kids uses the pool noodles for a color matching activity. 


Pool Noodle Outdoor Games


Water Wall

This simple pool noodle water wall from Teaching Mama made out of pool noodles is amazing and looks so fun for ALL ages, especially if it can be moved and manipulated. This fun activity can also be set up on the bathtub wall for some bath time fun. Using pool noodles instead of pvc pipe is much cheaper and easier. 

Bow and Arrow

I don’t know a child (or an adult) that could resist trying out this bow and arrow made from pool noodles! Check out the step by step easy tutorial on how to make it at Ziggity Zoom.

Pom Pom Launcher

You can make pom pom shooters from a pool noodle piece, duct tape, and a balloon. Frogs Snails and Puppy Dog Tails shows you how. 


Fly these pool noodle airplanes around the yard! JDaniel4’s Mom shows you how to make them. So much fun!


Make pool noodle ponies for hours of pretend play. I love this idea for themed parties too. 


What about a pool noodle rocket flinger from Frugal Fun for Boys? How far can you shoot yours? 

Obstacle Course

Make a pool noodle obstacle course in the yard for kids to race through. This idea from Raising Dragons. The pool noodles are easy to move and switch around when the kids need a new challenge. 

Ring Toss

Mission to Save shows you how to make different games from pool noodles like tic tac toe and a ring toss game. These great ideas are perfect for a backyard cookout. 


Cool down on a hot day with a pool noodle and a hose. Capturing Parenthood shows you how to make a simple pool noodle sprinkler. 

Goal Post

The Joys of Boys made a pool noodle goal post for her kids for a fun game of football or just throwing and kicking. 


Play a game of baseball with a beach ball and a pool noodle as a bat. This fun twist on an old game is fun for the whole family. 

Pirate Ship

Crafty Morning shows you how to make a pirate raft out of pool noodles. Take the pirate ship to the pool and float away on an adventure. 


Play pool noodle hockey with this idea from Toddler Approved. This is a great game for kids of all ages to play together. 


Pool Noodle Crafts



Make a pretend campfire for pretend play like they did at Pre-K Pages. Such fun ideas for a camping theme. 

Giant Pencil

LalyMom made a pool noodle pencil for a back to school craft. Such a fun craft!

Abstract Art

Create abstract art with pool noodle pieces and golf tees. The golf tees hold the pieces together and can be moved and changed to create a masterpiece. You can also use straws, pipe cleaners, and beads to make your creations. Source: More Than ABCs and 123s


DIY pool noodle lightsabers from Frugal Fun 4 Boys are a brilliant craft for your Star Wars lovers!

Creature Blocks

Turn and match creature blocks from And Next Comes L are a simple way to bring giggles and creativity to your day. 

Art Robots

Little Bins for Little Hands made these awesome art bots to create with. This STEAM activity will intrigue your little scientists and artists alike. 


Make pool noodle fish in a few quick steps like they did at Glued to My Crafts. These would make great DIY Bath Toys too. 


Mama Cheaps made these cool pool noodle sharks. So many fun ideas with pool noodles! If your little ones love sharks, check out this DIY Shark game made from a milk jug. 


See Vanessa Craft made boats out of pool noodles. Race your boats or add your favorite characters to them at bath time. 



This is one of my favorite pool noodle hacks of putting a pool noodle under the fitted sheet so kids don’t roll out of bed is simply brilliant! If it doesn’t work for your child, you can use the pool noodle for 100 other things!


So which one of these fun activities will you try first? Will it be an outdoor game or an inside craft? I think it is so awesome that there are so many ways to learn and create with inexpensive pool noodles!




Friday 22nd of July 2016

Can you spot the pool noodles here? Check out this genius idea for pool noodle wood piles from Miss Kopy Kat.