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Collect the Apples Game

Collect the Apples Game

This simple apple game is a big hit with young children! It is a great way to practice counting and visual discrimination. Use this game in a busy bag or with any apple theme curriculum. My kids loved using these printable apples and the game cards to play grocery store too. What a fun way to practice counting!



Targeted Skills

  • counting
  • combinations of 10
  • one to one correspondence
  • visual discrimination


Apple Game Directions

  1. Print 4 copies of the game cards.
  2. Cut them out, mix them up, and put them in a pile.
  3. Print and cut out the apple cards. Print one page for each player so that they each have red apples, green apples, and yellow apples. Cut them out. You can also use pom poms to represent apples instead of printing the cards.
  4. To begin the game, the first player draws a game card from the pile. Then, the player collects the correct number and apple color to match what is on the card.
  5. Each player continues taking turns drawing a game card and collecting apples.
  6. The first player to collect 10 apples wins.



Download the Collect the Apples Game

This apples game is an easy way to have fun learning together! We hope you enjoy it as much as we do!


Sunday 22nd of September 2019

Hi, I am trying to open and then print the printable apple activity. When I click on the “here” above it take me to a different page called Home Schoolers Share and there is nothing there. I am wanting to do this activity tomorrow (Monday, Sept. 23). Please help!

Nicole {tired, need sleep}

Tuesday 11th of August 2009

Ooh! I am totally excited about this activity! I just downloaded the file! Thanks for the link! It is a great idea - I just love that site.