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Printable Nature Journal for Kids

Printable Nature Journal for Kids

Make your own nature journal for kids with the help of these free nature journal printables. Whether you are doing a nature study, on a nature hike, or in your own back yard this free printable nature journal is just what you need. It’s time for an outside adventure!

Nature journaling is a great way to get in touch with nature using observational skills. Outdoor education can be the best way for young children to learn different Science concepts and how to care for the Earth. There are so many benefits for kids to getting outside. So grab water, a compass, a magnifying glass, your journal, and head out on an adventure!

DIY Nature Journal Pages


You could use only this page to create your own journal if you wanted to. Print several of these pages, hole punch them, and keep them in a binder as your new nature notebook. It is a fun way to keep track of where you have been and what you observed. In the box at the bottom you can sketch something that you observed or tape a piece of nature that you collected. You could even press flowers and attach them there. 


If you are going on a nature walk, this page is designed for reflection. This is a great resource for your time in public gardens or in the forest. Write down what you see. How does it make you feel? Be aware of all your sense. What do you smell and hear? What are you wondering about? 



Younger children and older children love scavenger hunts! What a fun way to observe nature around you. This free printable scavenger hunt can be used alone or as part of the nature journal. For your classroom, laminate it and use a dry erase marker so that it can be used over and over again. 

Hunt for:

  • mushroom
  • tree roots
  • flowers
  • grass
  • bee 
  • fern
  • ladybug
  • pine cone
  • acorn
  • log
  • branch
  • brown leaf
  • green leaf
  • animal tracks
  • rocks
  • spider web

If there are things on this page that you won’t see in your area, add different things to the list like a nest, weeds, or a certain type of animal that lives in your area. 

“The Nature Scavenger Hunt is our favorite page of this journal. As a kid I remember how much I loved scavenger hunts and my toddler loves them too. I also like that you can laminate it and use it over and over again.” – The Hadicks



This page of the free nature journal is an easy way to organize your nature art. Draw something you see. Sketch an animal, an insect, or a flower. This beautiful journal page highlights your adventure through pictures. 



These free printables include this Nature Alphabet Scavenger Hunt. Print page 9 and 10 to go on a hunt from A to Z. Write what you see that starts with that letter or draw a quick picture. Print one for everyone on your adventure or have one to use for the whole group. 


This blank page is for leaves. You can glue leaves that you collect or find interesting to this page, although you should know that they will dry out and possibly break. This is also a great page to make leaf rubbings. Put a leave under the page and gently shade over it using a pencil or crayon. The lines and shape of the leaf will appear on your page as a reminder of your discovery. While you are observing leaves and trees, try this Find a Tree game

The 11 pages of this free printable journal also includes a beautiful cover page, a list page to record the places you’ve visited, a reflection page, a page to stick different things you’ve collected, plus all the pages shown above. 



Download the Free Free Nature Journal for Kids


Why It’s Important for Kids to Get Outside

According to Child Mind Institute, playing outside is beneficial for kids for so many reasons. Children who play outside are less anxious, show an increased attention span, and are overall happier.

Being outside builds confidence in children. They take risks by climbing or jumping and learn through exploration that they can do so many things. They depend on themselves and each other by using teamwork. 

Getting outside teaches responsibility. It brings to our attention that we are responsible for taking care of the Earth and all of its living things including animals, plants, and people. Being responsible for ourselves and things around us is an important lesson for kids. 

Going outside and moving around is great exercise that builds muscles and balance. It is important to work on building the strength of the whole body before they are required to do smaller tasks such as write. 

Being outside allows the space and time for kids to get creative. Without structure and adult constraints, they are free to breath, relax, and get creative with the world around them. 

Nature stimulates all of our senses. This is important for children! Go outside, take your shoes off, smell the flowers, feel the bark of a tree. There is so much to explore all around. 

Being outside to explore helps children to:

  • be responsible
  • be confident
  • get exercise
  • relax and reduce stress
  • get creative
  • stimulate all senses 

Just getting outside and breathing the fresh air reduces stress. In a time where there is so much pressure on children, there is nothing better for them than being outside. 

Outside Activities for Kids

Check out these other activities that we love! 

Mason Jar Bird Feeder Craft – Make a bird feeder and observe what birds come to feed on it. 

Acorn Crafts for Kids – Collect acorns on your nature walk and use them to make these items for yourself or as gifts. 

Egg Shell Painting on Canvas – Go outside and paint! This painting activity involves filling empty egg shells with paint and throwing them onto a canvas. So much fun!

Learn Letters and Number Outside – A great way to take learning outside!

Games to Play in the Woods 




Tuesday 16th of July 2024

Hi, thank you for your resource! It's really great for kids to go out there and just (literally) stop and smell the flowers.

However, my kids noticed a small error on the Scavenger Hunt page - the bottom right two images / words do not match (i.e. Flower and Grass).

I can't edit it on my end since it's a PDF, maybe you could do it and reupload? Thank you again for creating this wonderful resource!