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Christmas Alphabet Game (printable)

Christmas Alphabet Game (printable)

Try this Christmas Alphabet Game! This educational game is a fun way to practice letter recognition with young learners this Christmas season. This is the perfect game for kids of different ages because there are different ways to play depending on the skill you want to practice. It is a fast game that requires a little bit of luck so kids want to play over and over again. We take it with us to restaurants, appointments, or anywhere there might be a wait because it is so much fun.



The cards include capital letters and lowercase letters. It is a great way to practice identifying letter names or letter sounds.


  1. Print and cut apart each letter card.
  2. Mix up the game cards and place them face down in a messy pile.
  3. The youngest person goes first.
  4. The first player picks up any card. They say the letter of the alphabet that is on the card they picked. If you are practicing letter sounds, they will say the sound of the letter on the card.
  5. Players keep taking turns picking cards.
  6. When the “You Win” Card is picked, that player is the winner and the game is over.

We hope you love this fun game as much as we do! It is a simple way to practice important literacy skills. 

Download the Christmas Alphabet Game


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