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Pattern Block Mats (free printable)

Pattern Block Mats (free printable)

Pattern blocks are so much fun for kids of all ages. I love to give young children a chance to build and create with the different shapes. Whether that is on a table or mixed in with other blocks, just having time to explore the shapes is extremely valuable.

Once enough time has been given to explore the pattern blocks, then you can introduce the pattern block printables. These symmetrical pattern block mats are inviting and fun to create with. 


symmetrical pattern block mats


Geometric Shapes

  • red trapezoid
  • yellow hexagon
  • orange square
  • green triangles
  • blue rhombus


pattern block mats for preschoolers


Targeted Skills

  • visual discrimination skills
  • spatial awareness
  • hand-eye coordination
  • shape recognition
  • shape identification


symmetrical pattern block mats


Pattern blocks are a fantastic way to work on so many different math skills in a fun way. It is a fun activity for Math centers, morning work, or a small group of early finishers. I’ve seen them used in morning tubs a lot too. All you need is a set of pattern blocks and pattern block cards. Easy peasy to set up and get started. 

Magnetic pattern blocks are also a great way to use these printable mats. Simple print a mat and place it on a cookie sheet or magnetic easel. Put the magnetic pattern blocks below or to the side of the mat. Then cover the pattern block mats with the shapes. This is a great quiet time activity or travel activity for the car.

I love that these mats are symmetrical. Children are naturally drawn to symmetrical things in the world around them and they will love to create these designs as well. There are 10 pattern block mats in this activity pack that are free to download and print!



Download the FREE Symmetrical Pattern Block Mats 


Free Pattern Block Printable Mats

Whether you are looking for animals, a certain season, or a particular theme you will love these free printables!

Fun Learning for Kids has free Summer pattern block mats and Fall pattern block mats. Theirs have a spinner at the top for an extra twist on using the mats if you want to change things up. 

This Reading Mama has Nativity themed cards to use with the blocks. They don’t only have to be used at Christmas time. 

PreKinders has several animal mats. They are also offered in black and white which I like. It gives children the chance to focus on the attributes of the shape instead of the colors. 

If your little ones love outer space, The STEM Laboratory has space pattern block mats that are fun to explore. 

Teaching Mama offers spring theme pattern block cards. 

Playdough to Plato changed her mats into a dice game. What a fun hands on way to practice number recognition!



Wednesday 12th of June 2024

Thanks a lot for sharing for free, God bless u


Wednesday 6th of March 2013

Thanks for this! The link seems to be broken, but I was able to find the pattern block mats on the kinders website. We already have a Patternables book, but many of those pages are too tricky for my almost-3yo. A few of the kinders mats seem simple enough for my little guy. Some of the harder ones will be fun for my 6yo. Once again, thanks for a great, easy idea!


Friday 14th of August 2009

I have noticed that you have been commenting on a few of the blogs that I also comment on, so I thought i would stop by for a visit.

I have enjoyed visiting your blog and learning about the fun, hands on activities you do.

I look forward to visiting regularly.


Thursday 13th of August 2009

Wow! I love your blog!

I just found you from a link you posted on 1+1+1=1. And can I just say...AMAZING JOB! I will be a regular reader from now on. Thanks for all of the good ideas.

Your fan,Cathy aka The Attached Mama


Wednesday 12th of August 2009

Emily would love I need to get myself a set of pattern blocks!!