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Abstract Art Activities for Kids

Abstract Art Activities for Kids

Abstract art projects are so much fun. They provide such a unique creating experience that all levels of art skill can do. These 12 fun art projects are awesome to do.

One of the best parts about creating abstract art projects is there are really no rules. The abstract artists are free to create as they feel and see fit for their art.

Since creating abstract art is such an individual process, it is great for students of all ages to work on. From the really young ones with easy projects like splatter painting or melted crayon art to some of the more advanced projects like Picasso’s cubism for the older kids, there is something here for everyone. All twelve of these activities can be done in the classroom, at home, or even for art therapy.

12 Fun Abstract Art Projects

These twelve abstract art projects are perfect for kids, tweens, teens, and everyone in between. All of these projects are based on abstract artists’ famous techniques and paintings.

Don’t forget to study each artist a little bit before completing the art project! It’s always important to understand who made the art and why.



Paul Klee Inspired Underwater Fantasy

Artist Paul Klee is known for his unusual art style; often times looking like a child created his work. Make no bones about it, he has got a style that is all his own and is sure to light up your student’s face.

In one of Klee’s more famous abstract paintings, “Fish Magic,” he uses imagery to create a surreal underwater environment but also adds items you wouldn’t expect to see underwater.

In this oil pastel-inspired art project, your student will create their own “fish magic” Using a few simple art supplies like construction paper, oil pastels, tissue paper, and watercolors, you too can create abstract art just like Klee.

Source: Teach Kids Art

Picasso Inspired Peace Dove Art Project

This fun Picasso-inspired art project uses a few different techniques to create a beautiful, well-known art piece. It features the symbol of peace; a dove. This project uses different colors to pull from a few different styles, such as graphic line drawing and bold expressionism. 

Use watercolors, crayons, a black marker, and a paper towel to help blend this fun and symbolic art project. It is a great way to teach students about peace, art, famous artists, and the inspirations for their art.

Using this piece as a teaching tool is a great idea because not only is this one of Picasso’s more famous prints, but it also has a rich world history involved due to its symbolic significance with world peace.

Source: Soul Sparklettes Art

Pablo Picasso Cubism for Kids

This fun and easy art piece is fantastic for young and old kids alike. Using a few pieces of art supplies like markers, pencils, white drawing paper, and crayons, your students and children can create cubism faces just like Picasso.

This fun Picasso-inspired art project is a great way for kids to create their own abstract art. You can even step this project up a little by giving your students a mirror to look at their own faces and have them add little unique and individual parts to the project.

Source: Art Projects For Kids

Jackson Pollock Inspired Splatter Art

Super messy and super fun! A great way to teach different techniques of painting and explore various types of utensils to create unique pieces of art.

Using different color tempera paints, your kids will absolutely love creating their own Pollock-inspired splatter paint.

This art project allows kids to explore their own artistic process while creating a fun and memorable painting. This is a project you’ll absolutely want to do outside.

Source: The Resourceful Mama



Paint Like Pollock

Like many Jackson Pollock art projects, this one will get messy too. However, this art project is so much fun and teaches students a really unique way to paint. Similar to the splatter art project, this one takes splatter paint up a notch by using a piece of yarn as a paintbrush. This project is great for encouraging your students to really think outside the box and explore their creative side. It will push them to step outside their comfort zone of creating and they’ll be left with this fun, messy art project!

Source: Deep Space Sparkle 

Shaving Cream Marbled Paper Art

A really awesome and unique way to create marbled paper is by mixing shaving cream with watercolor or tempera paint. Mixing both paint and shaving cream together will produce this really cool compound that will add a bit of texture and contrast to an already unique art project.  

The end product of this artwork is a beautiful piece of abstract art that will grab the attention of anyone viewing it. It’s a fun project that is great for all ages and skill levels.

The project is a little more involved as far as the prep goes, but again this is a great project for novice artists all the way to the expert artist!

Source: Artful Parent

Kandinsky’s Concentric Circles

Artist Wassily Kandinsky often times merged his two loves, music and art, into one project. In this Kandinsky-inspired art project, your students will be doing just that.

You’ll need music (different types for variety), construction paper, and tempera paint. Have your child create circles on the paper as they listen to the music.

The goal for this art piece is to draw as many circles as possible as the kids “see” the music. Slower music will most likely produce fewer circles. Faster music will produce more. This is a great way to have kids learn blending, shading, and tinting. 

Source: Teach Kids Art 

Tissue Paper Abstract Art 

An abstract art project that is super simple and requires little prep. This super fun tissue paper abstract art project is great for both young and old kids.

It requires very little prep and minimal materials. Using some spectra tissue paper, white construction paper, a pair of scissors, and some water, your students will be creating truly unique art pieces within minutes. Best of all, it provides hours of fun and materials for little cost.

Source: Dream A Little Bigger



Draw Like Joan Miro

A simple and easy Joan Miro-inspired art project that requires as few as three art supplies. This is a great way to introduce abstract art projects, impressionism, shapes, and lines to your students.

Using white drawing paper, canvas, or card stock (you’ll want something a little thicker), crayons, and a black magic marker, your students can create unique art just like the famed Spanish artist Joan Miro!

Source: Art Projects for Kids

Singing Fish Watercolor Paint Project

Joan Miro is known for combining elements of abstract art with surrealist fantasy to create exciting and eye-catching sculptures and paintings. In this fun watercolor paint project, students will combine abstract art and surrealist fantasy to create a Miro-inspired singing fish painting.

Using watercolor paints, canvas, and paintbrushes, your students can create a beautiful watercolor painting that will look great hanging in any space!

Source: Making Art Fun

Mini Rothko-Inspired Color Fields

One great thing about creating art, especially abstract art, is that there are no rules. You can create art as you see and feel it. This is the perfect project to sit back and create.

Mark Rothko was known for his “lack of aesthetic style” style, meaning he just created art to create art and not necessarily to please others. This Rothko-inspired art project makes use of cut-up cardboard as the canvas, tempera or acrylic paint, and a tray for color mixing. Easy, fun, and a great way for artists, young and old, to explore their creative side.   

Source: Art Camp Studio

Mondrian Inspired Basic Element Art Project.

Piet Mondrian is known for works of art that feature horizontal and vertical lines with black, white, and primary colors. He was a big believer in simplifying art to its basic elements.

This art piece does not deviate from this original principle. Using a 12″ x 12″ canvas panel, some tempera or acrylic paint, a pencil, ruler, paintbrush, and black electrical tape, your little artist can create Mondrain-inspired art pieces that are anything but basic. The end product is such a beautiful work of art, and even better artists of all ages can complete this fun project!

Source: Happiness Is Homemade 


Henri Matisse Inspired Color, Shape, and Style Art Project

Henri Matisse was a famous modern artist who loved to use color and had a distinctive style. This Matisse-inspired 3-step art project is easy, but it’s also involved.

With your older children, you can encourage them to create their own shapes for the project. The younger children will benefit from cutting, stenciling, and experimenting with colors to create.

Regardless of what age group creates these art pieces, they end up with bold, visually appealing, and colorful art pieces!

Source: Arty Crafty Kids



Abstract Art Projects For Kids

These abstract art projects are some of the prettiest projects I have ever written about. There are so many options for materials, color, design, and more.

When creating these abstract projects with children, let them take the lead. Abstract art is all about expressing your feelings and thoughts in an interesting and unique way!