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Christmas Light Scavenger Hunt for Kids

Christmas Light Scavenger Hunt for Kids

Nothing screams holiday cheer to me like Christmas lights do! One of my favorite things is to drive around and look at lights. A favorite Christmas tradition of our entire family is to go on a Christmas lights scavenger hunt. It is a simple way to do something fun with the whole family, no matter how old your kids are. Give this fun idea a try this holiday season. It just might become a new tradition for your family!

Whether it’s a light show set to music, different light displays, or outdoor Christmas decorations that are awesome, there are so many things to see. You can do your own Christmas light scavenger hunt by walking in your own neighborhood or driving to different neighborhoods near you. This is just one of the many ways to reduce holiday stress for kids

Why not make it a fun game by going on a light hunt this Christmas season? Some people like to make it a Christmas Eve tradition. Download the free printable Christmas light scavenger hunt game and hit the road with hot cocoa and Christmas cookies too. What a fun way to make memories! When you get home give this printable Christmas movie trivia a try or watch a family movie from this list of G-rated Christmas movies.



Christmas Light Scavenger Hunt Ideas

Laminate the scavenger hunt and use dry erase markers to cross them off as you find them. A great idea is at the end of the night, whoever has found the most wins a small prize.

If a little competition is not what your children and their siblings need right now, work together as a team to complete this fun activity.

Older kids may enjoy having a time limit to compete against. Another idea for older children is to make a list of all of the Christmas decorations you see. How many letters of the alphabet can you match a decoration to?

Make it a photo scavenger hunt and take a picture next to the Christmas items on the list. That’s so much fun and a great way to make memories. Take a picture in front of Santa’s sleigh if you see one (even thought it’s not on the list). Then, print the pictures and make a scrapbook of your annual Christmas light scavenger hunt.

Included on our Christmas Light Scavenger Hunt List:

  • candy cane
  • star
  • music
  • wreath
  • elf
  • santa
  • reindeer snowflakes
  • bell

Download Our Christmas Light Scavenger Hunt


Christmas Tree Scavenger Hunt 

For younger children, I love making a Christmas tree scavenger hunt! I take pictures of several of the ornaments on our tree. Then, I print the pictures and challenge the kids to find them on the tree. It is something they love and look forward to and you can enjoy your coffee while they do it. 


More Free Printable Scavenger Hunts

Here are 9 more Printable Christmas Light Scavenger Hunts for the whole family to have fun with!

Moritz Fine Designs has a scavenger hunt list for children that can read. 

Crafting Chicks shares sets of simple cards of 5 items to use for a team hunt. 

While He Was Napping has a list of 17 Christmas items to hunt for. This list is also for children that can read.  

My Frugal Home turned their Christmas light scavenger hunt into a bingo card. Instead of being the first person to find everything on the list, be the first person to fill a row on the card. Children need to be able to read to play. 

Intelligent Domestications shares a Christmas Photo Scavenger Hunt for adults that you can use leading up to a party. At the party, prizes are awarded.  

Moms and Munchkins has a fun scavenger hunt for the whole family to do together or for older children that can read. 

Sugar Blossoms has a great photo scavenger hunt list for groups of people to try. 

Layers of Learning offers this free list of items to hunt for readers or as a whole family. 

Not Consumed shares a hunt for older children that can read. 

Enjoy instant fun and memories with your family this holiday season with these free, printable Christmas Light Scavenger Hunts.


Christmas Printables

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