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Cool DIY Crafts and Projects for Teen Girls

Cool DIY Crafts and Projects for Teen Girls

Are you looking for ways to bond with your tween and teen girls? Looking to spend some time crafting with them this upcoming season? Making memories that will last a lifetime? If so, look no further than these DIY crafts for teen girls!

We’ve curated a list of the best, brightest, and most exciting DIY crafts the internet offers. This list of 32 easy to create DIY crafts is the perfect way to make new memories, decorative accent pieces, and wearable fashion! 

32 Easy to Create DIY Crafts For Teen Girls

Teenage girls seem more creative than 99% of people. They are always looking at and trying new fun crafts and DIY projects. Here are 32 cool crafts your teen girl may really enjoy! These also make great DIY gifts.



Rainbow Beaded Friendship Bracelets

Fun for a rainy day or even a party, these DIY bracelets are made with rainbow hemp cord but can be created with just about any different colors or types string! You can even add colored beads for a design that is all their own. When they’re all finished, your teen girls share and trade with each other! These bracelets are super easy, fun to make, and a great gift to give!

Source: Artsy Fartsy Mama

Handmade Earrings 

This a super cute and fun idea that will keep your girls busy! These Mod Podge earrings are a fun way to create a style all their own!

Source: Mod Podge Rocks

Cupcake Bath Bombs

A great way to mix two favorites; sweets and bath bombs! These super fun dessert inspired DIY bath bombs look and smell delicious. They also double as great handmade gifts! You can package up each bath bomb in a decorated mason jar and give them as party favors or a gift!

Source: April Golightly

DIY Lavender Vanilla Lip Scrub

The absolute perfect DIY craft for an all girls spa day! This easy to make lip scrub is a fun way to create your own spa day at home, especially during those dry months in the winter when there are chapped lips to be rescued! If you don’t like lavender, pick from any of your essential oils.

Source: Kids Activities Blog



DIY Pom-Pom Mouse Pad

With our kids relying on technology, why not spruce up the computer area with this fun and cute pom pom mouse pad? This super cool easy idea allows your teen girls to give the computer area a little of their own flair and style using inexpensive pom poms! 

Source: Design Improvised

Mason Jar Mermaid Lanterns

A beautiful and crafty way to add some unique flair to any room! These mason jar mermaid lanterns are sure to be a hit during crafting time with your teenage daughter! With the easy template provided and a few simple materials, these lanterns are sure to light up any teen girl’s face! They are so much fun to make.

Source: Red Ted Art

DIY Hot Cocoa Bomb

This delicious DIY craft project may be for the older kids but don’t fret. These simple to follow directions show you how to create the perfect DIY hot cocoa bomb! This project does require the use of cooking materials such as ingredients, the stove, and boiling water. One of the best parts about these directions is you don’t even need a mold! 

Source: Kitchn

Cute Narwhal Sewing Project

If you have tween girls and are looking to do some cute DIY crafts that are a little more mature than the usual paper crafts, check out this easy and fun project! The end result is a soft cuddly narwhal!

Source: Rhythms Of Play



Super Cute “From Nature” Bracelets 

A really fun idea and a great way to get your kids out and explore nature! This is an easy craft that can be done with the little ones. It’s also a great thing for teen girls that babysit. They can do this with the kids they are sitting for! Using masking, washi, or whatever tape you may have to make the bracelet and then attaching the items found while outside, these bracelets are sure to be a hit!

Source: Craft Learn and Play

Cute DIY Zipper Pouch

Another fun idea for teen girls in our cool DIY projects is a hand sewn zipper pouch! This might be for the older kids unless some of the younger ones have experience sewing. This DIY zipper pouch is a great way to have your girls create something using their own designs!

Source: Melly Sews

DIY Ceramic Mugs

This cute and awesome DIY mug craft is so easy! Using only sharpie markers and cheap white mugs, your teen girls will have a blast decorating and designing personalized mugs that can double as great gifts! Pair these with our DIY hot cocoa bombs while making ugly sweaters, and you’ve got yourself a great little crafting party!

Source: Home Heart Craft

DIY Ugly Sweater

With the holidays right around the corner, these DIY ugly sweaters are a great idea to make. It is a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon. Drink hot cocoa, listen to holiday music, and create memories that your teen girls will look back on and think about when they look at the end result! The best part is you can use any old sweater, hoodie, or vest! Live in a warmer climate? No problem! You can even use an old t-shirt. The possibilities are endless with these easy crafts! Add some battery-powered fairy lights to help bring out your ugly sweater’s uniqueness!

Source: Red Ted Art



Cute and Trendy DIY Pom-Pom Earrings

These ridiculously cute, easy, and super trendy pom pom earrings are perfect for showing off your teen girls’ individual sense of style and will be a fashion hit with their friends! 

Source: Persia Lou

Super Cute Tutu Shirt

While more involved and geared toward older kids, this hugely popular style tutu shirt is inexpensive. And looks just like the high-priced store-bought tutu-style shirts. What’s great about this fun DIY project is how customizable it is! This skirt is fun to show off style and create a unique piece of clothing. You can take old t-shirts that are no longer worn and make them fun again or create new and unique tutu-style shirts.

Source: Tatertots and Jello

Fun and Funky DIY Tie-Dye Socks

Fun for everyone, from young girls to your teen girls! These massively colorful tie-dye socks can be made with only a few craft supplies that you can mostly find at home. All you need are a few simple items like colorful Sharpie markers, isopropyl alcohol, Q-Tips, an eye dropper, or a spray bottle, and you’re ready to go! 

Source: Juggling With Kids

Washi Tape Pencils and Desk Cup

This super cute desk decoration can be made with several types of cardboard shapes, including tubes, squares, and circles. These pencil cups are super easy to make and take under 15 minutes. Using washi tape and even a hot glue gun to add a little flair, make these a fun and easy DIY craft project!

Source: Happiness Is Homemade



Fun, Easy, Colorful DIY Headbands   

Exactly what the description says, fun, easy, and colorful! Did we mention super cheap too? For less than $10 dollars, you can make half a dozen Anthro-inspired headbands. Who doesn’t always need an extra headband?!

Source: The Gunny Sack

DIY Decorative Phone Holder

Space saving, travel-friendly, and easy to make. This awesome and decorative phone holder can be made using items found around the house! With scissors, a plastic bottle, and some modge podge, you can also make this beautiful cell phone holder to put your phone in while charging! The best part is that it takes up little to no wall space. You won’t be tripping over your charging cord either.

Source: Make It Love It

Colorful Decorative Edged Cork Board

This colorful cork board is a cute and fun way to decorate any wall space. Your teen can use this decorative edge cork board to hold notes and pictures or be a decorative piece by itself! This cork board can be decorated quickly and easily to fit anyone’s style!

Source: Happiness Is Homemade

DIY Bar Soap

These homemade soaps are a fantastic way to liven up any sink or bathroom decor. These cold-processed soap bars are super customizable from their color, shape, and scent. They also make a great gift! Grab a few extra bars and wrap them in some fancy lace, and you’ve got a cute little stocking stuffer with the holidays coming up too!

Source: Savvy Homemade  



Cute DIY Yarn Chandelier

Have some empty ceiling space that needs to be filled in your teen or tween girl’s room? These cute and easy to make yarn chandeliers are the perfect colorful accent piece to hang in any empty space! With a few easy to find household items and some cheap crafting materials, these fabulous colorful balls of yarn are sure to liven up any area they’re hung from. For a cute little idea, you can add some battery or solar-powered fairy lights and make these DIY chandeliers the star of the room!

Source: Hostess With The Mostess

DIY Statement Laundry Baskets

We’re willing to bet two things. One, that your tween/teen girl hates anything that has to do with laundry. Two, she’ll love these cute statement laundry baskets! This easy DIY project is fun and funny to say, “put your laundry away!”. With a few purchased items, a little bit of time, and some funny statements, these laundry baskets are sure to be a hit when the kids come home and see them in their room!

Source: Studio DIY

DIY Paper Disc Bracelets

This DIY project is a cool way to use paper crafts and make a bold but subtle statement! Using some card stock and either string or elastic, this is a fun project that any age can do! The best part is you aren’t limited to just bracelets. You can create necklaces, rings, and anklets using the same materials!

Source: Studio DIY

DIY Tassel Necklace

These super cute DIY necklaces are a great way to accent any formal or casual outfit. These necklaces are the perfect craft for any teen girl looking for a little more of a challenge while creating something completely handmade. They are a little more involved than most fashion geared DIY crafts. With some patients and some knowledge, it is an excellent idea for any crafter to take the next step in creating something that is bound to make a statement. With a few items that you can find at any craft store, these tassel necklaces are sure to be a popular choice!

Source: Style Bee



DIY Luggage Tags

Do you have a teen girl that is always on the go or looking to travel very soon? This easy and fun way to create a bold piece of luggage flair is the perfect way to spot your belongings coming off a turn style at the airport or simply create a unique piece of traveling art. They can even double as a name tag on a gift! These tags are a bit more involved than some of the other luggage tags. They are so worth it, especially with how expensive luggage tags cost! This project is definitely for the older tweens with adult supervision. They’ll be using different types of hardware (sharp tools), but the result is stunning!

Source: Mod Podge Rocks Blog

DIY Resin Holiday Earrings

If your teen girls are looking to take a bigger jump into the world of DIY fashion, these resin holiday earrings are a great way to make something a little more challenging but still really fun simultaneously! These earrings are a really cool DIY project and would pair wonderfully with their DIY ugly sweater! With these easy to follow directions and some purchased crafting molds and resin, these earrings will liven up any holiday party!

Source: Artsy Fartsy Mama

DIY Thanksgiving Mason Jar Centerpieces

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, these quick and easy glitter mason jars make a great addition to any table where families gather. This fun project makes for a great girl’s night. The best part is you can make them the night before Thanksgiving and they’ll be ready to go for the next day. This easy project requires a Cricut for the vinyl cut-out, but you can also use any fall themed sticker that can be store bought! Add in some fairy lights or battery-operated votives and you have the perfect compliment to any table at your family’s gathering.

Source: Artsy Fartsy Mama

Easy DIY Dreamcatcher

These beautiful handmade dream catchers are the perfect way to accent a wall or an open hanging space on the ceiling. They require a few items that can be purchased at hobby and craft supplies stores. They are completely customizable! The best part is, the purchased materials will give you enough supplies that you can create several dreamcatchers to hand out as a thoughtful gift! 

Source: Live Well Travel Often



Cute Mason Jar Wall Organizer

This extremely cute wall organizer is a great way to help your teen girl get organized. This mason jar wall organizer can hold art supplies, crafting supplies, makeup, or even just be a decorative piece with the addition of fairy lights or battery-powered votives. The possibilities are endless for what you can do with a fun project like this. This project involves using power tools, so it might be best for older teens. Still, it’s so customizable you can probably skip using a few power tools depending on how you want to use your mason jar organizer.

Source: The DIY Playbook

DIY Ombre Wall Tassels

These cute wall accent pieces will liven up any empty space on your teen girl’s walls! Easy and quick, this ombre wall tassel art piece is a fun and different way to brighten up any space! With easy-to-follow directions and some easy-to-find craft supplies, the color combinations and styles that your teen girl can create are endless!

Source: Pottery Barn

Easy Twig Ornaments

Super cute, super easy, and so many combinations! These fun and festive craft ornaments make great gifts, holiday tree decorations, and name tag holders for seats at the table. The accessibility of this DIY project makes it the perfect craft for all ages. Using a hot glue gun, twigs, yarn, scissors, and a few other decorative items, you can create beautiful ornaments for year-round events. Even if not for holiday events, you can create fun and unique works of art! Source: HGTV

Felt Jack-O-Lantern Wreath

If you’re looking for a really fun fall DIY craft idea to do with teenage girls, then look no further than this fabulous pumpkin-inspired wreath! This wreath can be made to be a door or wall hanging and looks super cute wherever it’s hung! 

Source: Artsy Fartsy Mama



These DIY crafts for teen girls range from easy to more challenging. Your tween or teen will enjoy them! Remember, girls love to be creative, and these DIY crafts allow them to show their creativity! Each one can be tweaked and changed to fit your tween or teen’s individual flair and style.