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Only Room for Two Printables

Only Room for Two Printables

It has been so fun to see children everywhere reading my newest book, Only Room for Two. I wanted to offer a few free printables to go along with this adventurous story. From a dice game and dot to dots to a clever song about the book, these activities are sure to be a hit!


What is Only Room for Two about?

Blake and Natalie are on an adventure to the moon. New friends pop in to see what they are doing and ask to join. Blake and Natalie learn that you can always make room for more. In this timeless story of friendship, the children learn the value of teamwork and including others.


Only Room for Two Reviews

“Nicole Duggan’s exceptional storytelling and Samantha Morazzani’s vivid illustrations will delight readers of all ages. This engaging read aloud will nurture children’s emotional intelligence and support character building. Only Room for Two belongs on the bookshelves of every home, classroom, and library!” – Sarah Smith, teacher, mom

As a special education teacher, I appreciate how inclusive and engaging this story is. My students love this book and beg me to read it over and over again. -Ashley Lowman Berger, PhD, professor, educator

This book was fun, imaginative and gives a wonderful lesson on including others. The author does a great job of capturing the imagination of child’s play. My kids and I enjoyed the little adventure and are happy we added this book to our library. Before reading, my son asked why does a book called “only room for two” have 4 kids on the cover…just like us, you have to read to find out.

How refreshing – a delightful narrative that honors children as the competent, creative problem solvers they are! From the dreaming of space travel to the creation of a spaceship to the navigation of hurt feelings, Natalie and Blake meet every challenge with flexibility and generosity of spirit. The children know, there’s more than one way to get to space! What an excellent story to share with the children in your life!

As a mom to a 7-year-old, I can attest that balancing friendship, creative play, and inclusion has been one of our biggest battles. Kids at this age want to include their friends in play, but often struggle to imagine how to include them when there aren’t enough seats, enough room, or enough roles to play. This book directly addresses this issue from the unassuming approach of a fun story. Not only does it offer encouragement to include others in creative play, it also subtley suggests ways to kindly include YOURSELF in group play. I Iove that it helps kids to connect the dots from Blake and Natalie’s story to their own, allowing a journey of self-discovery that most children’s books don’t. 


Teaching with Only Room for Two

Read alouds are a powerful teaching tool. This book models for children how to include others, but also how to ask to join an activity that you wish to be a part of. Both of those lessons take a lot of practice for children to learn and this book illustrates those concepts and gives them the language to use. 

Use this story to talk with children about:

  • inclusion
  • problem solving
  • friendship
  • creativity
  • teamwork
  • imagination
  • space exploration


Only Room for Two Printables

Use these free printables with your students or children to extend the story of Only Room for Two. 

Only Room for Two Dot to Dots


Print this dot to dot (numbers 1-20) to draw and then color the rocket from the book, Only Room for Two. 


This alphabet dot to dot is fun to complete by connecting the letters A to Z. Then, color the rocket ship any way you want to. 


Only Room for Two Cut and Paste



Here’s a rocket cut and paste printable for older children. Cut out the rocket (or cut it out for younger children), put the pieces in order, and paste the rocket together. This printable also goes with the Only Room for Two dice game (below). 


Only Room for Two Dice Game



Cut out the pieces from the cut and paste activity (above) and grab dice to make this free Only Room for Two dice game. Roll the die. Collect the piece you rolled. When you have collected all 6 pieces, you win! Finally, glue them together to make the rocket. 

Only Room for Two Song


My very talented friend, Shelby Smith, wrote this poem called “Heading for the Moon”. It is based on Only Room for Two. It’s sung to the tune of “Do Your Ears Hang Low?” Print the poem and use it as a shared reading opportunity in your classroom. 




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