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Easy Bee Crafts for Kids

Easy Bee Crafts for Kids

Are you looking to do a lesson on bees followed by a fun craft or project? We’ve got you covered! Below, you will find 15 of the best and most fun bee crafts the internet offers! These adorable bee crafts are the perfect activity to complement any lesson about bees, honey, or other bee-related topics.

Before starting, check out Fun Facts 4 Kids and learn about bees. You will find everything wondering little minds would want to know about bees and fun facts about bees. Teaching lessons on why bees are so important to the environment is a great place to start. Then move your way into any of these adorable bee crafts and projects. 

Cute Bee Crafts

Having children learn about a topic before creating a craft or project is a great way to engage them in learning and fun at the same time. These easy bee crafts are just what you need to get started. 


Cute Bee and Honeycomb Craft

Are you looking to teach about bees, their importance to the environment, and where they live? If you answered yes, this cute bee craft is just for you. Complete with printable pages for your children or students to cut out, this project is perfect for kids of all ages and the end product is adorable.

Source: Easy, Peasy, and Fun 

Adorable Balloon Bee Craft

We absolutely love this easy bee craft. Using a few yellow balloons, a black magic marker, glue, and construction paper, your children or students will create the cutest little bee puppets. Following the easy step-by-step directions provided. This will not only be fun to create but will also provide hours of fun for little kids with bees afterward!

Source: HWTM

Popsicle Stick Bee Craft

This simple craft will thrill children and students of all ages. This fun bee craft is a bit more involved, so it’s important to have all the materials first. You’ll be using items like a plastic milk jug, popsicle sticks, black and yellow paint, and googly eyes. The result of this bee craft is so cute. We just love the yellow and black stripes with the milk jug wings.

Source: The Inspiration Edit

Paper Cup Bee Craft

This cute bee craft is a fun way to introduce children and students to the process called pollination and the importance of bees to plants and flowers. For this easy bee craft, you need to print out the free template first. Then, you’ll be using either card stock or construction paper, paper cups, a black marker, glue, and scissors. From there, following the step-by-step instructions is a breeze. You could also use toilet paper rolls instead of cups if you have extras of those on hand.

Source: The Inspiration Edit



Adorable Egg Carton Bee Craft

It is super fun, super cute, and super easy to make these egg carton bees. Simply take empty egg cartons, paint them yellow add a black stripe, googly eyes, and black pipe cleaners for legs, and voilà. You’ve got yourself a cute little bee.

Source: Crafty Morning

Tissue Paper Bee Craft

This fun tissue paper bee craft is a great activity to do after reading the book The Grumble Bee (affiliate link). You’ll need to print out the free printable. You’ll also need tissue paper (black and yellow), googly eyes, tape, glue, and black pipe cleaners. The printable makes it easy for little hands to follow and the end product is a cute little tissue paper bee.

Source: I Heart Crafty Things   

Paper Plate Bee Craft

You know I love paper plate crafts! Why not make some paper plate bees. This cute and easy paper plate bee craft is great for the younger kids. The large plates are great for little hands and there aren’t many materials to use for this craft. However, they will need some help tracing their hands that they will use for the bee wings. The end product is a cute little keepsake for your child’s hands!

Source: Messy Little Monster

Easy Pom-Pom Bee Craft

Creating an adorable pom pom bee has never been easier than this fun craft. Using only five items; yellow pom-pom, black, and white felt, googly eyes, hot glue, and black yarn. Your little one can create a cute little pom pom bumble bee that is great to hang anywhere or even just to snuggle.

Source: Miss Tricks Mix


Toilet Paper Roll Bee Craft

We love this fun little toilet paper roll bee craft. It’s fun and easy. And you can teach about recycling while doing this craft too. Using a toilet paper roll, cut strips of card stock, glue, and some googly eyes, this toilet paper roll gets a new life. A cute little bee that would make a fantastic spring decoration anywhere in the house.

Source: Easy Peasy and Fun

Cute Bee Finger Puppet

Our next adorable craft is a honey bee finger puppet. This fun craft is great for kids of all ages. Young children can strengthen find motor skills and scissor skills with this craft. They’ll cut out simple shapes like circles for the head and body and ovals for the wings. They may need some help with the finger holes. This cute little bee finger puppet will be a hit as your next craft project or activity!

Source: I Heart Crafty Things 

Clothespin Bee Craft

A cute way to add a little craft flair to a spring or summer outfit is with these cute little clothespin bees. Using wooden clothespins and a few basic craft items, you can make a fun little bee. These are great for a bookmark, flair on clothing, or a cute Spring decoration. Each clothespin bee takes about 15 minutes to make. So it’s also a very quick project, which is great if you’re pressed for time.

Source: The Craft Train 

Pool Noodle Bumble Bee Craft

This craft may be the cutest craft we’ve ever come across. A pool noodle bee is not only adorable but also makes a great decoration for the summer, especially around the pool. This project is slightly more involved, and an adult will need to do the cutting since you’ll need a sharp blade or pair of scissors to cut the pool noodle. This is a really fun bee craft and a really fun way to decorate for the summer.

Source: Premeditated Leftovers



Rock Bee Craft

This fun and easy bee craft will get your kiddos out in nature to explore and find that perfect rock to create their bee. We love this craft because your littles not only get outside to explore, but they may actually see a bee flying by.

Source: Crafts By Amanda

Cute Bee Corner Bookmark

This fun little bee craft is perfect for your little reader or to use as the bookmark for the book you’re reading to your students or children about bees. The little ones might need help with the folding and cutting, but it is a fun way to learn about bees and a great addition to your spring or summer reading collection.

Source: Red Ted Art

Paper Bag Bee Puppet

This awesome bee puppet craft is great for little hands and will provide hours of entertainment after it’s done. Using a brown or white paper bag, simply paint the bag yellow. Then, cut card stock black stripes to glue on it. Add some googly eyes, doilies for wings, and black pipe cleaners for antennas, and you’ve got yourself a cute little paper bag bee puppet.

Source: I Heart Crafty Things

Pipe Cleaner Bee Magnets

This cute and fun pipe cleaner bee magnet craft is so much fun for the little ones. It’s very easy, and there’s a lot of manipulation of the pipe cleaners, which will help with fine motor skills and dexterity. Using a few basic crafting items, you’ll be able to decorate any metal surface with a swarm of cute little pipe cleaner bees!

Source: This Crafty Family

These bee crafts are so much fun and help your child with fine and gross motor skills. 


Bee Learning Activities

Try our bee alphabet sorting activity. This free printable focuses only on capital letters and the important skill of sorting. 


Practice counting with this bee board game for preschoolers. It is so much fun to play together.